JP FreeFoil Air 2022
JP FreeFoil Air 2022
JP FreeFoil Air 2022
JP FreeFoil Air 2022
JP FreeFoil Air 2022
JP FreeFoil Air 2022
JP FreeFoil Air 2022
JP FreeFoil Air 2022
JP FreeFoil Air 2022
JP FreeFoil Air 2022
JP FreeFoil Air 2022
JP FreeFoil Air 2022
JP FreeFoil Air 2022
JP FreeFoil Air 2022
JP FreeFoil Air 2022
JP FreeFoil Air 2022

JP FreeFoil Air 2022

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Details JP FreeFoil Air 2022

Free Foil Air


JP’s popular and unique foil allrounders, the FreeFoil boards, now have an inflatable brother with 155 litres, featuring all the advantages of JP’s hardboards.

On top of this, it feels very smooth, cushioned and thus comfortable!

Additionally, it also features all the user-friendly advantages of inflatables boards: easy transport, easy storage and a durable outer skin.

The sum of all its advantages plus its smooth ride make for a great and easy going all-round board for windsurf and wing foiling.

Based on our popular hardboards, the 155 has a very compact shape of only 183 cm length which means no limitations regarding the range of use: Cruise along, ride with or without straps, use a sail or a wing – it will feel great and fly comfortably in all conditions. The easy handling, control and smooth ride provide a wide range of use. You’ll be surprised how much fun it is to play and perform on this board.

Advanced inflatable construction:

The Pre-Laminated Triple Layer Composite Drop Stitch, Fibre Reinforced Stringers in deck and bottom and Welded Rails will surprise you with their stiffness.

3D Rail Stringer: This innovative solution connects the deck, rail and bottom into one strong and solid U-beam which makes this inflatable up to 30% stiffer. Furthermore, the 3D Stringer has an increased glue overlap surface in the high stress standing area, improving the durability of the boards.

Fibre reinforced deck and bottom stringers offer additional longitudinal stability and stiffness.

Welded Rail Technology: This heat welded connection was introduced two years ago and proved to be successful. It creates a very strong mechanical joint that literally fuses two parts into one and thus is superior to the standard gluing. This welding process of amalgamating two different layers into one makes the board safer, lighter and stiffer.

Hard Rails: In the tail, the specially developed, super clean hard rails are covered by a fibre reinforced layer of PVC cloth and create a smooth and efficient water release. Thus, the board picks up speed easily for take-off and touchdowns are smooth and controllable.

These technical features provide a direct feel. They are very strong – almost indestructible. Their extreme stiffness compared to ‘normal’ inflatables result in great performance and they come as close as possible to the feel and ride of hardboards.

Comfort: The soft hull is covered with a large, slip-proof EVA sheet for unmatched comfort and a safe stance. You also don’t have to worry about mistakes anymore because you won’t get hurt when falling on it – features which make them great beginner boards, too.

Size: Despite being short, the size is suitable for beginners because the width and volume provide stability and make your first experiences with foiling easy and forgiving.

Long Track Foil Plate: The board features a long G10 plate with an integrated carrying handle and long tracks (same length as on our hardboards) providing two big advantages: first, a wide range over which to adjust the position of the foil and secondly adding additional longitudinal stiffness to the hull. At the same time, this plate is not too long – thus you don’t need an oversized bag and it can still be folded easily into a quite normal size SUP backpack.

Strap positions: Due to the multiple footstrap options you’ll always find the right strap position for windsurf and wing foiling – no matter whether used with a short or a long fuselage.

The common 4 strap setup is the ideal version for regular windsurf foiling (long fuselage). In this setup the board tracks well and allows for an efficient windsurf-stance flight mode.

The centre 3 strap option is the best setup for winging when combined with every standard fuselage length.

Alternatively, you can enjoy total freedom and “free-foil” strapless…

Target groups:

riders who look for an easy and comfortable board for all types of freeride windfoiling or winging or

riders who are new to windfoil or wing foil and need some extra stability or

riders who need the size and volume for their light wind home spot, where the board provides extra lift.

Transport and Storage: Rolled up, the board fits into a backpack – no more need for a car with roof rack for transport or a big garage for storage. In times when airlines are hesitant to accept windsurf equipment, fitting in a backpack is a major advantage!


* 4 Footstraps

* Pump

* Pump adapter to inflate your inflatable wing with the same pump

* Repair set

* User manual

* Backpack with wheels

Reduced foil track depth [13mm]. Make sure to use the right screw length for your plate mount system!

MAX screw length = 13mm + Plate Thickness

All JP foil boards come without screws to attach the foil. Reason: The screw length has to match the plate thickness which varies from foil and brand, so, screws are provided by the foil brand. But this board features a special G10-track-plate requiring shorter screws, for example:

NP foils will work with M8x18 up to M8x22 screws and because small screws are sometimes difficult to obtain, NeilPryde offers M8x18 screws (allen key head) in their spare parts range.

Easy ride, easy handling, easy control, easy transport, easy storage in its backpack.

If you are looking for a great and user-friendly all-round foil board, then this is your go-to board.

JP collection 2022 from JP-AUSTRALIA on Vimeo.


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