Duotone Neo D/LAB 2023
Duotone Neo D/LAB 2023
Duotone Neo D/LAB 2023
Duotone Neo D/LAB 2023
Duotone Neo D/LAB 2023
Duotone Neo D/LAB 2023

Duotone Neo D/LAB 2023


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Do you want to accomplish the finest wave riding? The Neo D/LAB, which has an Aluula frame that offers otherworldly performance, is the most advanced wave kite currently on the market. This outstanding addition to the Duotone lineup will blow your mind.

The Neo D/LAB is ready to rock the globe. It is the pinnacle of high performance kite technology and is made of the lightest materials possible. With the use of a new Hybrid Flex Strut and an upgraded version of the Aluula fabric, the Neo can be lighter by up to 30% while maintaining its exceptional responsiveness. Trinity TX, a cutting-edge material, together with our premium building practices work together to make the Neo D/LAB lightweight. Additionally, it is tough and able to withstand the rigors of a session in strong waves.

To really appreciate the performance of the kite, one must see it in person; it is nothing short of astounding. One of the top-performing wave kites on the market is the Neo, and the D/LAB version is completely out of this world. The high-end control is plentiful, but the low-end range is unmatched. Additionally, because of the Hybrid Flex Strut, it is dynamic and sensitive as you begin a turn in a way you have never known. On the wave, the Neo D/LAB really does become a part of your body, and the flight characteristics are simple. The kite floats in the air for an eternity when the wind shifts offshore, allowing you to take advantage of its outstanding drifting qualities

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