DUOTONE Neo 2023
DUOTONE Neo 2023
DUOTONE Neo 2023
DUOTONE Neo 2023
DUOTONE Neo 2023
DUOTONE Neo 2023

DUOTONE Neo 2023


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Details DUOTONE Neo 2023

More awards and victories have been won by the Neo than by any other kite on the market. From the beginning, it led the surfboard movement in kiteboarding, and that won't be changing any time soon. This is the best wave riding and strapless freestyle kite on the market thanks to a variety of special features.

First off, you can ride waves as you want while concentrating on your turns rather than worrying about the kite thanks to the famed drift. The kite will dangle in the air, giving you time to re-tighten the lines, which is helpful in onshore circumstances when slack lines are common. Once again, the Neo excels when the wind is cross-onshore because you need a kite that can spin quickly so you can carve your lines into the face of the wave. It changes direction almost instantly, is sensitive, quick to pivot, and is lively. With different settings on the tips, you can also adjust the kite to the conditions of the day. For example, if you're practicing strapless freestyle on flat water, set the kite for maximum pop and strong loops.

Tune it for optimum drift and quick turning speed when shredding the waves. The Neo's real strength is its ability to produce power at all wind speeds. It has a lot of low-end power, allowing you to fly a smaller, more dynamic kite. You can have a 2-3 kite quiver to cover the majority of wind circumstances thanks to the large upper range and abundant depower.

The Neo is the only kite you will ever require if you are serious about riding a surfboard, whether for ripping waves or boosting airs.

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