DUOTONE Dice 2023
DUOTONE Dice 2023
DUOTONE Dice 2023
DUOTONE Dice 2023

DUOTONE Dice 2023


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The Dice was created to be a freestyle kite with real skill in other disciplines, and it has a lineage of performance in its ancestry. It is the ideal kite for riders that appreciate breaking the occasional wave in addition to sending large airs, massive kite loops, and the newest tricks. The tremendous control that this kite can provide is the key to its adaptability. Due to the steering's incredible precision, you may deliver enormous airs, boost huge jumps, and utilize the kite to make quick twists in the waves.

Nevertheless, the unhooked performance is the genuine crowning achievement. When you pop unhooked from the kite, the lines will slack and you'll be able to pull off the newest tricks with ease because the kite has a significant degree of power delay. The kite will reengage when you land, allowing you to ride out your stunts without being concerned about the kite colliding.

Due to these qualities, professional surfers favor it. They can ride enormous waves in the Canaries, boost loops in Cape Town, and throw handle passes in Brazilian lagoons with equal ease. The Dice is the kite that has your back every session if you're an experienced rider who enjoys a range of techniques and doesn't want your kite to dictate how you want to ride.

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