DUOTONE Juice 2023
DUOTONE Juice 2023
DUOTONE Juice 2023
DUOTONE Juice 2023
DUOTONE Juice 2023
DUOTONE Juice 2023

DUOTONE Juice 2023


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As a kitesurfer, you understand the emotion when you get at the beach and find that the forecast was inaccurate and there is less wind than expected. There are many defeated kiters performing a wind dance in the parking lot. Fortunately, you have the new 2022 Juice with you. You rev it up, send it flying, and you can feel the force. After only a short while, you are practicing your tricks, popping airs, and carving lines into the water. How is that even possible?

Years of diligent research and development went into making the best light wind kite using the most modern materials. It is the kite that every kiter requires, the one that our pro riders turn to in a pinch, and the one that offers the best value when the wind isn't cooperating. The smaller sizes are ideal for foiling in mild winds, while the larger sizes have been adjusted to provide maximum power to twin tip riders looking to do stunts. Some kites for moderate winds are sluggish and lethargic; the Juice is a Formula 1 car in a truck-filled parking lot.

With the aid of the Flex Struts, the kite can react to the rider's input instantaneously, providing a dynamic and thrilling flying experience that is uncommon in larger kites. Kitesurfing becomes a carefree activity where you can forget about the kite and focus on the next trick thanks to low bar pressure and less drag on the airframe. You'll find greater speed, power, and even bigger jumps with enormous hangtime if the wind kicks up thanks to the Juice's wide wind range.

The Juice is the kite you should have in your quiver to guarantee a good time whenever you visit the beach.

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