Cabrinha X-FLY Foil board 2021

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Product Infomation

Details Cabrinha X-FLY Foil board 2021




  • Foil board
  • Straps ( Free in package!)

Sizes: 6'2" x 28" x 4.7" x 111.1L / 6'10" x 30" x 4.7" x 131L / 7'6" x 32" x 4.7" x 153.5L

The X Fly is a multi use board that’s perfect for wing surfing and SUP. Its volume to length ratio guarantees a high performance ride with a nod to being extremely user friendly.

When used with a hand held wing like the Cabrinha Crosswing, the XFly is perfect for getting you up and flying with its stable width and bottom shape dimensions.

A slight bottom rocker and kick tail assists in the pump action required to get flying in lighter winds. While the single bottom channel perfectly orients the hydrofoil parallel to the deck of the board for a balanced and trim ride.

The XFly’s industry standard 9cm mast mounting track pattern works perfectly with the all new Cab Fusion performance line of hydrofoils.

A full EVA deck pad ensures positive traction wherever you stand on the board.


Foil specific board with focus on stability and early/easy launch.


Concave deck for positive board control when strapless
Kick Tail for easier pumping and earlier flight
Bevelled rails for forgiving lean angle
Channel bottom. Better foil orientation to water surface
EPS Core, light weight and buoyant
Durable composite sandwich construction
Carbon innegra deck construction with full PVC wrap
3 or 2 strap insert configuration
Industry standard 9cm adjustable foil mount with position indicators
Included with the board: M8 Tnuts, full deck pad ((NOTE: 3 or 2 Strap Ultralite Straps with mounting hardware sold separately. Use the Self Tapping Screws only).

Design: Pete Cabrinha

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