What kind of sport is windsurfing?

The real description of it and not just the “Wikipedia explanation”

Simple question: What is windsurfing?

The right answer: It is dancing barefoot on the water if you don’t use booties of course. 

It’s not just dancing it is also “the one and only” feeling of the force of the wind in your hands through the sail.

Many people ask me what I do in my life and my simple reply to them is 

windsurfing guide


Most of them don’t know what windsurfing actually is or if they somehow try to know what it is they think it is something slow, massive and no adrenaline included.

 Sit down now and educate yourself, please. Because in the next minute you will get to know the real picture of what windsurfing is.


Windsurfing is a combination of two words. 

what is windsurfing


The first word (wind) tells you everything about the sport. The wind is needed if we want it to work.

We could discuss about wind for ages, but let’s just say 20-30 knots is the most awesome wind force we need for our pleasure in the sails. 

“The wind is this intoxicating dream for all the windsurfers.”

First, we find wind on the Winguru.cz website and then our eyes pop out when there are 2-3 stars and a little bit of pinkish color. This is the moment when the life of a windsurfer starts. 

The job is rescheduled, the family is forgotten and windsurf equipment is already in the car. 

Finally, when a windsurfer arrives on the windy destination or so-called windsurf spot it is time for him/her to step out of the car and make a quick situation-weather check up on the shore. In the meantime, some solid handshakes from windsurfing buddies can happen. And the biggest topic of the day is about the size of the sail which will be used further on on the water. 

Two most terrible things can happen at this moment.

  • There is no wind- the forecast was a lie.
  • A piece of the equipment was forgotten at home.

  • Windsurf equipment checklist

    windsurfing equipement guide

    So, I have put together a checklist of stuff that windsurfer needs for the session.

    1. Sail
    2. Mast
    3. Extension
    4. Boom
    5. Board
    6. Mast foot
    7. Fin (Screws!!!)
    8. Wetsuit
    9. Harness

    If any of these pieces is missing the windsurf session is ruined.

    9 essential windsurf equipment pieces can change a windsurfers life. 

    Windsurf session

    The rigging of the sail and preparing the board takes about 3-5 minutes. Dressing up the wetsuit takes 1-3 minutes. Time depends on the speed, experiences of the windsurfer and the material he or she is using. 

    After everything is prepared it is time to get in the water. Right there at this moment, the windsurfer loses touch with reality.

    Directly after the so-called start-up maneuver (Beach start) the connection with nature is the number one priority. The windsurfer is lost in his or her thoughts.

    In the head of us, there are thoughts only about speed, tricks and waves that are going to be ridden. That is why this sport is so special, dear people!!! It is everything about the moment and living it. 

    There is no past, there is no future it is only now.

    We could say the sport is a little bit narcissistic and also masochistic. The reason for this is its nature. We think egoistically about ourselves having fun on the water and we do suffer each time we are learning something new. Learning windsurfing usually involves pain like cramps, blisters, bruises. Even though it is “painful” the big smile is there and our endurance is getting stronger with every second.

    How does windsurfing look like?

    The best is if you see it for yourself in some videos from pro-guys:

    Thomas Traversa

    Balz Muller

    Gollito Estredo

    I could mention many more of the stylish top-level windsurfers who are true to this sport and will probably do this for their entire lives. Until death.

    I know how it is because I am also addicted to windsurfing and I don’t want the rehabilitation from it. Never. Ever.

    Check also some of the Red Bull Storm chase videos, just to make sure how much of adrenaline is included in the windsurfing.

    Sweet, right?

    Windsurfing past, present, future

    Let’s say windsurfing began in the ‘60s when the first board was designed. Designed and constructed by the man named S. Newman Darby in 1964. The board was massive, the mast was in one piece and the sail looked like a piece of t-shirt.

    Now everything is from carbon, good monofilm and boards are short.

    In the future boards will be even shorter and we will ride sails from one piece printed by 3D or 4D, who knows. And many of the futuristic people say future is in foil. Let’s see if they are correct.

    Something will have to stay old school, that’s my humble opinion. 

    What do you think? What is windsurfing for you? 

    I would love to know.