Old kite for new Duotone kite promo

How it works?

1) We buy your old kite for 500 €  under this condition:

  • kite need to be complete - kite, bar, pump, bag 100% working
  • any brand and model from 2009
  • if you sell us 12m2 you can buy 12m2 new Duotone kite complete
  • offer only valid for buy FULL package Duotone kite, bar, pump
  • maximum 3 kites per customer

Example: You sell us 12m2 kite complete + 9m2 kite complete .

We give you 1.000€

After we receive kites we check it and give you code to buy new Duotone kites reduced by price -1.000€

Duotone evo offer

2) Submit form under.

After we approve it you will ship your kites to our address under.

3) You ship kites to company (delivery payed from customer) to address:

Surfnow d.o.o.

Street:Osojnikova 4a

Post code: 2000 Maribor


4) Offer is limited so be quick if you decide to change your kites before summer!