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North Sails

North Sails 2018 E_TYPE

from 609.00 €

E is for exciting! The E_TYPE is exactly the type of sail to help windsurfing regain its real fascination. Rigs without a sweat, takes off and gets going without pumping. This sail boasts the perfect power and acceleration capabilities of our WARP combined with the handling of a NoCam sail....

North Sails

North Sails 2018 S_TYPE SL

from 859.00 €

The S_TYPE SL has just one goal: to be even more successful as its legendary predecessors which won numerous world-wide magazine tests over the years and received first-class honors in their categories. Therefore Kai Hopf has thrown everything into the mix, resulting in even more performance without having a negative...

North Sails

North Sails WARP F2018

from 1,069.00 €

6 out of 7 won eliminations during the 2015 racing season are making the WARP 9.0LW the most successful slalom sail in PWA history. Extreme propulsion, incredibly fast, uncompromisingly designed to win. It is the ultimate World Cup racing sail. Due to NO.COMPROMISE.DESIGN the WARP F2018 generates better low-end power...

Neil Pryde


1,299.00 €

Foiling / Racing High performance sail based on RS:RACING design and specifically developed to perform both on Wind foil and Slalom boards. The RS:FLIGHT is an evolution of the RS:RACING LT1 sail, and is designed on the concept of real world racing combined with key foiling features. Compared to a pure...

Neil Pryde

NP 2018 V8

from 839.00 €

Twin-Cam Freerace The V8 is a freerace sail that offers incredible acceleration with each gust as well as from non-planing condition. True race sail performance combined with a narrower sleeve, 7 battens and twin Integracams to achieve great handling and light feel. Extreme early planning, soft rotation, large wind range,...

Neil Pryde


from 799.00 €

No-Cam Freerace With an outline coming straight from the RS:RACING development program, the SPEEDSTER is an explosive performance Freeride Sport sail. More user friendly than a cam sail (easier to rig, uphaul or jibe), the Speedster is more balanced and offers greater performance and wind range than a classic freeride...

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