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Neil Pryde

NeilPryde Windsurf Foil FLIGHT FR 2021

from 1,199.00 €

The Flight FR is the latest evolution of our accessible high-performance freeride foil range for real world sailors. It is less intimidating than full carbon foils and still delivers exceptional speed in a wide wind range. Compatible with high performance freeride, and pure specialized foil boards, the FLIGHT FR not...

Neil Pryde

Neil Pryde Glide wing foil 2020 Medium Slim

1,099.99 € 899.99 €

GLIDE SURF creates a playground for building new surfing sensations. With a stable and fast take off no matter the surf conditions, the GLIDE SURF delivers superior gliding and controlled speed to ride waves as far as they can flow. On the wave, the Glide Surf allows you to fly...


Fanatic Sky SUP Foil Windsurf 2021

1,599.00 €

The Sky SUP Windsurf Edition is our new swiss army knife of foiling sensations! Designed to maximise your fun – wether with a paddle, a Foil Wing or a Windsurfing rig in your hands! Everything about the compact Sky SUP has been optimised to make it as easy as possible...

Neil Pryde

Neil Pryde FLIGHT F4 EVO FOIL 2020

2,199.00 €

The FLIGHT F4 EVO foil is the Formula1 racing foil in our range. This evolution has been designed in collaboration with F4 USA. FLIGHT F4 EVO features full carbon pre-preg construction. With an extended fuselage length, FLIGHT F4 EVO offers improved Upwind/Downwind performance and more comfortable riding. The new tail...
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Fanatic Gecko LTD Foil Edition 2020

2,099.00 €

WINDSURFING AND FOILING Gecko 135 version with a reinforced nose area and strong Deep Tuttle Foil Box – great for classic Freeriding and Foiling with the same board Switch effortlessly between freeriding and foiling with our versatile Gecko Foil – and enjoy the widest range of riding sensations available from...


Fanatic Stingray Foil LTD 2020

2,199.00 €

The Stingray is our dedicated freefoil board with an incredibly easy and fun character. All details of its shape are designed to make the world of foiling as accessible and fun as possible, and it will grow with you as your skill and performance level progress. Its foiling-optimised stance comes...


Fanatic Flow Foil 2020

from 1,299.00 €

FLOW FOIL 900/1250 Carbon front wings with 30° layup for maximum performance with direct flex response and minimal weight Full carbon back wing with winglets – light, fast and with great track stability Formula 1 aluminium fusion technology mast – made in Germany – with special profile and increased chord length for 30% higher stiffness...

Neil Pryde

Neil Pryde Carbon foil RS-FLIGHT F4

2,399.00 €

RS-FLIGHT F4 Take to the air with the all-new RS:FLIGHT F4 from NeilPryde an experience like nothing else.The RS:FLIGHT F4 foil is a no- compromise, performance carbon foil designed in collaboration with F4 USA. The RS:FLIGHT F4 is an evolution of the proven F4 windsurf hydrofoil design, already considered as...

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