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Fanatic 2018 inflatable Windsurf VIPER AIR

1,299.00 €

  Stretched outline with good glide / plenty of stability / flotation Ideal for the early stages High Quality Double Layer HD technology (Viper Air WS) Silicon rail edges for clean release and reduced drag (Viper Air WS) Lightweight and economically priced Drop Stitch Light technology (Viper Air WS Pure) Removable centre and rear...


Fanatic inflatable SUP TANDEM AIR PREMIUM

1,999.00 €

Ultra long outline with good glide, great stability and flotation Plenty of space for two people including two windsurfing rigs High Quality Double Layer HD technology with top materials and manufacturing Comfortable and grippy footpad, towing eyelet and comfy carrying handles Removable center and rear US-Box fin, no tools needed...

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