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5m2 in stock 2 pcs!!!!! PREORDER IT !!! NEW SHIPMENT IN 3 - 5 WEEKS! (August 2019) LIMITED STOCK AGAIN!  KEY FEATURESDUOTONE Foil Wing BATTENSBattens increase the wind range and reduce flutter and drag. BOOMThe integrated boom stabilizes the profile and offers unlimited hand placements. WINDOWWindows are super helpful and...


Fanatic Windsurf Foil FLOW H9 2019

849.00 €

Flow H9 2019 model foil bring new improvement this year. With a high specification Aluminium mast, it’s strong and extra stable with a solid Deep Tuttle connection to prevent bending. Taking durability to the next level, the wings and fuselage of our Flow H9 are made from Carbon Compound as...


Fanatic Aero Surf Foil 1500 2019

1,199.00 €

Aero Surf Foil 1500 perfect for new surf adventure. This foil have low drag / high lift profile incredible versatile surf and SUP surf foil which offer great stability and lift Mast Length 75 cm Fuselage Length 64 cm Front Wing Wingspan 88 cm Front Wing Surface 1500 cm2 Back Wing Wingspan...


Fanatic 2018 SUP FLOW S1 foil

999.00 €

Our SUP Wave Foil Flow S1 opens up a whole new world of riding waves. Catch barely breaking swell or fly over slower sections with power and speed – the S1 outperforms the conditions every time. SUP foiling requires a certain skill level, so our main objective was to make...

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