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North HYBRID Foil Board 2018

1,099.00 €

The Hybrid is a crossover surf and foilboard. Its shape is inspired by the Whip and works in small to medium size waves. The fully integrated 4 point connection has minimum influence on the weight and flex of the board to keep it’s surf characteristic while giving you a solid...


North Speedster GT Combo Foil 2018

899.00 €

The Speedster GT Combo is aimed at the experienced rider. The new wings should give the average foiler about 5 knots more speed, which is an increase of 20% to 25% for most riders. Moreover, it is easy and predictable to ride and a good wing for learning foiling tacks...


North Mono 2018

from 849.00 €

The Mono is a simple one-strut Allrounder with a focus on performance and handling. It is perfect for travelling and can perform on a twin tip, directional or foilboard. The smaller sizes are ideal for fast progression, freeriders, wave riders and foil boarders alike. The kite has amazing low-end performance,...


North Entity Combo pads 2018

189.00 €

Taking into consideration that every foot is different, the Entity is an ergonomically shaped and highly versatile footpad. Offering a variety of settings via its numerous features, we ensure a perfect fit for each individual that not only looks great, but is quick and easy to mount and adjust. COMPLETELY...


North 2018 Quest TT

699.00 €

The Quest TT offers a truly classic surfboard shape and as such becomes one of the most versatile boards in our range. Built using our TT construction, which is both exceedingly durable and offers great value, the board can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. Perfect for freeriding...


North 2018 Wam

899.00 €

PRODUCT INFORMATION CLASSIC CONSTRUCTION RTM FINS BEST ALLROUNDER HIGH PERFORMANCE EASY TO SURF DRIVING BOTTOM TURNS AND FLOWING TOP TURNS Classic, smooth and controlled, the Wam is the best allround performer no matter the conditions. It is the solution without any regrets for those who are looking for the one-for-all...


North 2018 Nugget kiteboard CSC

899.00 €

The all-new Nugget CSC is based on the new Whip shape for 2018. The board features a new, deep double concave bottom shape. This adds extra grip while also channelling water through these flat surfaces directly into the quad fins, offering superior lift for maximum light wind and upwind performance....


North 2018 PERFORMER Harness

149.00 €

Step in and sail off ! The Performer is the made up of large sized back pads that lend incredible support and protection to the back muscles. Its design incorporates a freely adjustable back position which gives the rider the opportunity to customise its fi t to suit their requirements....


North 2018 STYLER Harness

219.00 €

The Styler is great for those looking for a harness that allows you to be free. Its cleverly constructed 3D Contour shape is made up of individual segments for a perfect and comfortable fi t. Want to convert your waist harness into a seat harness? No problem. ION has created...


North 2018 Boots

499.00 €

Celebrating its 3rd generation the North Boot just keeps getting better! Driven by Team Rider Craig Cunningham and taking inspiration from our international Freestyle/Wakestle Team, it's proven to take massive landings and steezy presses in its stride. A premium product designed specifically for kiteboarding its medium stiffness not only offers...


North Speedster Foil Mast Al 650mm 2018

399.00 €

Shipment includes Mast 650mm    


North Beach Towel Logo

49.90 €

North Mug - 300 ml perfect gift for North riders


North kiteboarding Lanyard

5.90 €

NKB Wristband for all NKB fans

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