let the weather prevent them from doing what they love. A women neopren jacket is a must-have for any water sport participant in the winter, but especially for surfers, kitesurfers, windsurfers, and paddlers.

The ability to insulate you from the chill of the water is a notable feature of women's neopren jackets. The thick, insulating neoprene used to make these jackets ensures that you'll keep warm even if the temperature drops below freezing. Additional insulation and soft fleece lining are commonplace in modern neopren jackets.

Neopren jackets are not only insulating, but also waterproof and windproof. A full-zip front allows for easy ventilation, and many jackets have a hood or neck gaiter built in to shield your face and neck from the sun and wind. When it starts to rain or sprinkle, you can stay dry thanks to the water-resistant outer layer on some jackets.

Yet comfort and safety are only the beginning. You can ride in comfort thanks to the stretchy materials used in neoprene jackets, which allow the jacket to follow your every move. That way, you won't be distracted by your equipment and can give your full attention to your game. Plus, you can find a neopren jacket that fits your unique sense of style from the wide variety of colors and designs available.