CABRINHA Fusion Hybrid Kit STD 2022 1 available colours

549.00 €

HIGH PERFORMANCE - DURABILITY SIZES: 70 / 90 CM MAST The all new Fusion ecosystem sets a new benchmark in Cabrinha's foil design & manufacturing capabilities. Performance & function is at the heart of the design process.Each Individual part has been redesigned on both component and connection level with an option...


Fanatic Foil Mast & Fuselage Set AL 3.0 2022 color not available

from 619.00 €

The AL 3.0 masts and fuselages have been reduced massively in weight without compromising stiffness and ease of use. Instead, they add playfulness and adjustability for your progression. Choose between 4 mast lengths and our turny 68cm “advanced” or the stable and adjustable 78cm all-round Fuselage
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DUOTONE Mast-Fuselage Set Spirit Quickmount + Bag 2022 color not available

749.00 €

The Duotone Quick Mount is a clever, fast and secure way to connect the foil mast to the foil board in seconds. The base plate is mounted to the board, the adapter to the mast. Without any tools, board and mast can be connected in seconds. Forgotten the times of...
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DUOTONE Daytona DOS D/LAB 110 2022 color not available

2,899.00 €

The Daytona DOS D/LAB has been designed to be the fastest hydrofoil around the racecourse and is prepared for nothing less than the Olympic Games. Extensive simulations have been conducted by the America’s Cup experienced engineers from iXent, to guarantee unmatched efficiency, upwind and downwind. Pretty much all parameters of...

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