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ION - Twintip_Core Leash

37.95 €

SIZES 7'view sizechart FEATURES & MATERIALS . Fixed leash plug loop. Solid 7 mm coiled urethane cord. Neoprene cover for carabiner. Stainless steel carabiner MATERIALS TPU Nylon Stainless Steel FEATURES & MATERIALS SOLID 7 MM COILED URETHANE CORDSTAINLESS STEEL CARABINERNEOPRENE COVER FOR CARABINERFIXED LEASH PLUG LOOP SOLID 7 MM COILED...


Cabrinha 2018 SHORT LEASH

39.00 €

Standard short leash with QR


Cabrinha 2018 PRO LEASH

59.00 €

Pro handle pass leash with QR


ION Handlepass_Leash 2.0 comp

79.95 €

SIZES 120/150150/180view sizechart FEATURES & MATERIALS . Elasticated. New competition construction. Strong WICHARD carabiner


ION - Handlepass_Leash 2.0

from 49.95 €

SIZES 100/140130/170view sizechart FEATURES & MATERIALS . Flexible extension lenght of 40 cm. stainless steel carabiner. neoprene cover for carabiner . Light EVA protective tube cover FEATURES & MATERIALS STAINLESS STEEL CARABINERNEOPRENE COVER FOR CARABINERLIGHT EVA PROTECTIVE TUBE COVERFLEXIBLE EXTENSION LENGHT OF 40 CM STAINLESS STEEL CARABINER

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