Kids KITE Harnesses

Harnesses for kids who want to try out kiteboarding, kitesurfing, or any of the other forms of kite sports are available. These harnesses are designed with children in mind, being lighter and smaller than their adult counterparts and coming in a wide range of styles to meet their unique requirements.


The waistband is an important component of kite harnesses for children. Harnesses for children are typically tailored to fit the smaller hips and abdominal area of young riders by being smaller and more contoured than those designed for adults. Some child harnesses have an extra feature that helps support their lower back.

The hook and loop fastening system is another vital component of kids' kite harnesses. This is a crucial piece of the harness because it is where the rider will attach the kite's control bar. The fastening method needs to be safe, simple, and quick to release in an emergency.

The harness's material is also crucial. Harnesses for children's kites are frequently constructed from a blend of neoprene and nylon, or another tough and water-resistant material. Materials like these not only keep the rider dry and cozy, but also ensure a snug, secure fit.

Consider the child's skill level and build before settling on a kite harness. For maximum comfort and safety, it is also essential that the harness be a good fit and properly adjusted. It's also crucial that you get your kid a harness that's made for the kite sport they'll be playing.