JP Australia

JP FreeFoil LXT 2021 color not available

2,149.00 €

1. JP's foil all-rounder that covers the widest possible range of foiling 2. Balance between easy handling, pace and control when foiling 3. Deck shape provides the most responsive feel while still being forgiving and user-friendly 4. New wing-foil strap options and accordingly elongated pad 5. Provides multiple footstrap positions...

JP Australia

JP WING AIR Inflatable Foil board 2021 color not available

999.00 € from 799.20 €

NEW TOP INFLATABLE WING FOIL PURE WING FOILING Our pure wing foil inflatable. The compact hull and JP’s superior construction provide a stiff feel when flying on the foil. It is super user-friendly as it features all main advantages of inflatables: comfortable and smooth on your skin and knees, light...

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