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Fanatic Sky Wing 2022

from 1,199.00 €

SIZES: 4'6" / 4'7" / 4'8" / 5'0" / 5'2" / 5'4" / 5'6" / 5'8" / 6'3" Our new range of Sky Wing models grows to nine dedicated shapes and takes efficiency to another level. Ride the smallest board possible in the lightest of winds!  If you thought the...


Fanatic Sky Wing TE 2022

1,899.00 €

PREORDER NOW! ARRIVING END OF NOVEMBER 2021! You want it light – here comes the Sky Wing Team Edition in full Carbon Prepreg construction of our favourite shapes for most riders and conditions. The new Sky Wing comes in a nice weight, however the Team Edition is incredible. Once you...


Fanatic Sky Air Premium 2021 - Inflatable foil board

1,199.00 €

Email us before order to check actuall delivery time... FREE DHL EXPRESS SHIPPING PUMP AND FLY SKY AIR PREMIUM SIZES: 5'4" /5'8" /5'10" The Sky Air - our travel friendly version of our popular Sky Wing models –no compromise on comfort and riding sensations, in a compact package!The Sky Air comes...


Duotone Daytona 105 2021

2,299.00 €

The Daytona is lightweight, rigid and an absolute eye catcher. More importantly, it’s a top performer and highly accessible. Thanks to the long 105 cm full carbon mast, the Daytona is built to be pushed hard at all angles of attack, even in choppy conditions. The two piece glider is...


Duotone Foil GT Carbon 700 Wing Set 2021

629.00 €

Package content Item No. Title 44900-8434 DTK -Foilparts Sp. GT Front Wing 700 Carbon(SS20-SS21)(asmb) 44900-8363 DTK -Foilparts Spirit GT Back Wing 215 Carbon (19-22) (asmb) 44900-8442 DTK -Foilparts Spirit GT Front Wing Cover700 (SS20-21)(asmb) 44900-8369 DTK -Foilparts Spirit Back Wing Cover 215 (asmb) 44900-8322 DTK -Foilparts Allen Key Size 4mm...


Duotone Foil Carve Carbon 700 Wing Set 2021

629.00 €

Package content Item No. Title     44900-8433 DTK -Foilparts Sp. Carve Front Wing 700 Carbon(20-21)(asmb)   44210-8391 DTK -Foilparts Spirit Back Wing 216 Carbon (asmb)   44900-8441 DTK -Foilparts Sp. Carve Front Wing Cover 700 (20-21)(asmb)   44210-8383 DTK -Foilparts Spirit Back Wing Cover 216 (asmb)   44900-8322 DTK...


Duotone Foil Freeride 700 Wing Set 2021

329.00 €

Package content Item No. Title 44900-8356 DTK -Foilparts Spirit Freeride Front Wing 700 (19-22) (asmb) 44900-8359 DTK -Foilparts Spirit Back Wing 255 (SS19-SS22) (asmb) 44900-8365 DTK -Foilparts Sp. Freeride Front Wing Cover700(19-22)(asmb) 44900-8368 DTK -Foilparts Spirit Back Wing Cover 255 (SS19-SS22) (asmb) 44900-8322 DTK -Foilparts Allen Key Size 4mm (SS19-SS22)...


Duotone Foil Spirit Mast AL 75 2.0 + Fuselage AL 70 + Bag 2021

569.00 €

2021 Duotone Foil Spirit Mast AL 75 2.0 - Fuselage AL 70 - Bag Size: 75cm mast and 70cm fuselage Weight: Mast: 2.21 kgFuselage: .67 kg The 75cm mast is a great all-around size for any type of foil riding.   FEATURES NEW ALUMINIUM FUSELAGE WITH POCKET FOR MAST CONNECTION A...


Duotone Foil Speedster GT Combo 2021

899.00 €

The Speedster GT is aimed at the experienced rider who wants to go fast. The new wings offer the average foiler quite some speed moreover it is easy and predictable to ride and a good wing for learning foiling tacks and jibes. The front wing anhedral also helps to keep...


Duotone Free Foil board 2021

649.00 €

The Duotone Free is a modern, all round, foil specific board offering the easiest entry to the world of foil boarding in a very durable construction at a very interesting price point! The Free is aimed at riders looking for an easy to ride board. The rubber and cork deck...

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