wingsurfing wings

Wing foil or Foil wing is new amazing sport mix of surfing , windsurfing & kitesurfing. It involves using a hydro foil underneath the wing foil board to control a two-handed kite, or "wing" .Wingfoiling is currently the fastest-growing water sport in the world.

Easy to learn - On a SUP with a wing, getting up and riding usually only requires a few tries. The wing is incredibly simple to handle. The advancement is typically extremely steep, meaning that in a short amount of time, your skills significantly advance.

Simplicity - The act of wingfoiling is clean and easy. In comparison to other action sports, it doesn't require as much equipment, and it can generally be learned and practiced in a relatively safe manner. There is complete freedom; a harness is not even necessary! You can fly while wingfoiling with just one board, a pump, and a pretty tiny wing. Simple.

"Bad conditions" are a thing of the past while wingfoiling. It is very common for kitesurfing circumstances or site features to be judged "unkiteable," such as being too windy or light, iffy due to objects in the sea or on the beach, or having a limited self-launch area and no one around to assist you. Well, once you start wingflying, "poor circumstances" will become some of the most enjoyable boating days you've ever experienced!