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Fanatic Sky Air Premium 2022

1,249.00 €

PREORDER NOW !  The Sky Air - our travel friendly version of our popular Sky Wing models –no compromise on comfort and riding sensations, in a compact package! The Sky Air comes in 3 sizes from 5'4" to 5'10" and offers an incredibly stable flight. Our extra rigid Carbon plate...


Fanatic Sky SUP Foil 2022

1,499.00 €

The Sky SUP is our 100% dedicated foil SUP designed to maximise your fun – even in tiny waves - and to give you the longest rides of your life! Everything about the compact Sky SUP has been optimised to make it as easy as possible to catch waves. The...


Fanatic Sky Surf Foil 2022

999.00 €

As the foiling revolution continues to bring surfing to the next level, our dedicated foil surfboard - the Sky Surf – has also evolved to give you a massive boost in performance, even when riding the smallest waves or ocean swells. With its compact dimensions, generous volume and channelled bottom...


Fanatic Sky Wing Soft Top 2022

1,299.00 €

Our new Sky Wing Soft Top 6’3” has its deck and rails covered entirely in soft and grippy EVA pad. The ideal package for learners, schools and centers. Learning to wing is the new thing for all ages, sizes and genders. The Sky Wing Soft Top combines stability, glide and...


Fanatic Bee 2022

1,649.00 €

Our Bee is the ultimate watersports-weapon. We’ve packed four different dimensions of pure fun into one board: SUP Surfing, SUP Foiling, Wing Foiling and Windsurf Foiling – you decide on the setup you ride. Foiling has brought a new dimension into watersports and adds multiple options of having fun in...


Fanatic Sky Wing 2022

from 1,199.00 €

SIZES: 4'6" / 4'7" / 4'8" / 5'0" / 5'2" / 5'4" / 5'6" / 5'8" / 6'3" Our new range of Sky Wing models grows to nine dedicated shapes and takes efficiency to another level. Ride the smallest board possible in the lightest of winds!  If you thought the...


Fanatic Sky Wing TE 2022

1,899.00 €

PREORDER NOW! ARRIVING END OF NOVEMBER 2021! You want it light – here comes the Sky Wing Team Edition in full Carbon Prepreg construction of our favourite shapes for most riders and conditions. The new Sky Wing comes in a nice weight, however the Team Edition is incredible. Once you...


Fanatic GECKO ECO 2021

2,199.00 €

The freeride board with the biggest range of use for the ambitious windsurfer, available in three sizes and ecologically built with Ocean Minded Spirit. "Save our Playgrounds" - for many years now this has been one of our main guidelines. We are constantly exploring new technologies in order to build...

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