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F-ONE ROCKET AIR SUP inflatable 2020

from 699.00 €

Delivery between 20.7.2020 - 1.8.2020! Inflatable ROCKET AIR boards are ideal to start-off SUP foil in an easy and handy way. Inflatable boards offer high flying capabilities as well as a great versatility. KEY POINTS  Easy to store and carry when deflated Dropstitch technology is light & stiff More volume...


F-ONE Swing 2020

from 749.00 €

An incredible new way to fly and experience new feelings on the water, once you try it, you’ll be addicted. 100% Depower and totally safe High-end construction Launch anywhere, even busy or gusty spots Wide wind range  Five sizes for different conditions Easy to learn and very accessible The all-new...


F-ONE foil wing GRAVITY 1800 Surf/SUP Foil 2020

1,674.00 €

PREORDER AVAILABLE AGAIN 1 week of July! The F-ONE GRAVITY 1800 wing is ideal to enjoy the smallest waves, venture on downwinders Maximum lift with smooth delivery Very stable and intuitive Pumping machine Area : 1760 cm²Aspect Ratio : 4.6   Designed for early lift, great stability and efficient pumping. Specific connection...


F-ONE ROCKET AIR Surf inflatable 2020

from 599.00 €

Delivery between 5.7 - 15.7.2020 PREORDER NOW! F-ONE inflatable ROCKET AIR board are very accessible and convenient to start-off surf foiling. They offer great flying capabilities as well as the versatility you need. KEY POINTS  Easy to store and carry when deflated. Dropstitch technology is light & stiff More volume allows an easy &...

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