ION Helmet Scrub Select MIPS EU/CE unisex 2022 1 available colours

499.99 €

MET X ION Scrub Select MIPS Helmet: Fullface helmet for Enduro & Downhill-oriented mountain biking. The MET X ION Scrub Select MIPS brings everything you'd expect from a topnotch MTB helmet: light weight with maximum safety thanks to carbon shell & MIPS system, wearing comfort through plenty of ventilation channels...


ION Helmet Scrub Amp EU/CE unisex 2022 2 available colours

219.99 €

Characteristics MET X ION Scrub Amp Helmet: Fullface helmet for enduro & downhill-oriented mountain biking. The MET X ION Scrub Amp is the budget-friendly choice for those who thrive on fast runs. Safety features such as a flexible visor or Safety Release ensure that you can focus solely on the...


ION Helmet Traze Amp MIPS EU/CE unisex 2022 4 available colours

169.99 €

MET X ION helmet Traze Amp MIPS: Mountainbike helmet for Allmountain and Enduro-oriented riding. MET has been making cycling helmets for over 30 years. Due to their specialization in helmets, they ensure the absolute highest standards of quality and safety every time. Since ever - ION has developed technical, award-winning...


ION Helmet Seek EU/CE unisex 2022 2 available colours

69.99 €

Dirt jumps, ramps or skate park - the MET X ION Seek helmet is the robust choice when it comes to learning new tricks and landing old ones. The finely adjustable system lets you find the perfect fit, so that the helmet stays in place even with gnarly moves.

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