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356 products

2018 PRODUCTS FROM: ION Wetsuits & Neil Pryde, Cabrinha, North Kites, JP Australia, Fanatic.

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Inflatable Windsurf Sails

1 product

NORTH KITEBOARDING the world's largest kite brand and NORTHSAILS Windsurf Riggs market leaders have joined forces to develop the most innovative rig ever. The result...

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LEVITAZ top hybrid & carbon foils made in Austria. 100 % own foil development and production. More than 25 years of manufacturing experience with advanced...

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Men Summer Wetsuits

98 products

4 mm Summer Wetsuits 3 mm Summer Wetsuits 2 mm Summer Wetsuits 0.5 mm Summer Wetsuits

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Men Winter Wetsuits

97 products

6 mm Winter Wetsuits 5 mm Winter Wetsuits 4 mm Winter Wetsuits 3 mm Winter Wetsuits  

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Neil Pryde

181 products

Neil Pryde 2018 Wetsuits Men,Women & Kids, Thermal tops, Lycra, Protection vests, Windsurf & Kitesurf Harnesses, Windsurf Sails, Booms, Masts, Uphaul ropes, Travel Bags, Straps,...

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Products up to 50% OFF

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ION, NP wetsuits collection for Kitesurf, Windsurf, Surf, Wake and SUP!  We stock all the best wetsuits in our shop.    

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Women Summer Wetsuits

46 products

3 mm Summer Wetsuits 2 mm Summer Wetsuits 1.5 mm Summer Wetsuits 0.5 mm Summer Wetsuits

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Women Winter Wetsuits

51 products

6 mm Women Winter Wetsuits 5 mm Women Winter Wetsuits 4 mm Women Winter Wetsuits 3 mm Women Winter Wetsuits

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