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Wing Surfer.

Get ready to experience the thrill of wing surfing!

Wing surfing is an extreme sport that combines elements of snowboarding, skateboarding, and hang gliding. It involves riding down a mountain on a board attached to a harness that allows the rider to fly through the air.


Get into the Wing Sport

People trying to get into the game and not using a background in any sports activities at the water possibly want to start off with only a wing. Ideally then they could exercise on a SUP or a longer cross-over board (sup/wing/windsurf foiling board), preferably with a few greater fins or daggerboard to assist with upwind progress. The extra strong you're at the board the less complicated it'll be to research talents with the wing. 


First steps

The first thing you should know about wing surfing is that it requires a lot of practice. If you want to learn how to wing surf, you’ll need to invest some serious time into learning the basics. Once you get comfortable with those basics, you can move onto more advanced techniques.

Wing foiling wings
Wing Foil wings


Find Out More About the Equipment You'll Need.

For Wing Surf - Wing foiling you need to buy:

  • WING - inflatable wing which you hold in hands

  • Wing board

  • Wing Foil Wing

  • Wing leash

  • Pump - to pump the wing


Wing Surf terminology
  • WING -The hand held wing

  • FOIL - The hydrofoil under the water

  • MAST - The structure that connects the board to the fuselage

  • FUSELAGE - The structure that connects the Mast to the hydrofoil

  • FRONT FOIL WING  - The part of the foil that creates lift. Surface area measured in cm²

  • REAR FOIL WING – Stabiliser 


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Neilpryde wing foils
Duotone foil wings

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How long does it take to learn Wing surfing?

Having good equipment additionally enables learn quickly, while maximum people take twelve hours of kiteboarding classes on the minimum, for wing foiling you may see as few as six to 10 hours of classes to examine the sport.


How many liters Foil board?

A correct rule of thumb is to have 30-40 liters of volume over your frame weight. For example, in case you weigh 90 kilograms, choose a 130-liter board. As you progress, you`ll be capable of circulate to a smaller and greater maneuverable board, however all through the primary sessions, you need to maximise your getting to know time. 

As you progress, you`ll be capable of flow to a smaller and extra maneuverable board however for as a minimum the primary few sessions, you need to maximise your gaining knowledge of time. Bigger boards offer sufficient drift so you can give attention to gaining knowledge of how to manage the wing with out additionally having to focus on balancing in your board. 

Wing foiling wings

What Foil to buy?

The foil is made from a mast, fuselage and wings. When deciding on a foil, you`ll need to search for foils which might be stable, have suitable float and lots of lift. We've discovered that a taller mast (70cm +) is right for gaining knowledge of as it offers you suitable top and maintains you from breaching in ocean chop or swell. 


 Beginner foilers will need to search for foils that do not want a lot of speed to get up, that means you will be capable of get on foil at slower speeds. Super slow pace foiling is critical for gaining knowledge of in a secure and powerful manner. Look for foil wings that permit for speeds of 10-12km at the low end. You'll additionally need to search for a foil that permits you to wing in a wide variety of wind conditions. 


 As you development, you will need a foil wing that permits for acceleration, greater speed and fantastic turning capabilities. 


 Expert tips: 


 Learn in a place that has a secure touchdown downwind. Most likely, you will do some of downwind runs earlier than you discover ways to live upwind. Give your self lots of space. 

Take deep breaths. Falling off the board, plunging into the water and dragging your self returned at the board may be exhausting. Take relaxation breaks and recollect to breathe! 

Try foiling with out the wing. If you've got got get entry to to a jetski or boat or e-foil, try and research the foil through itself. Understanding how foiling works will allow you to development a whole lot quicker whilst you try and placed all of the components together. 

Use Helmet! 

Protect your self from injury-the foils are sharp and the forums are hard-through carrying a helmet, effect vest, booties and complete wetsuit. Believe us, you will need it.


How much wind to wing surf?

A correct wind strength for learning to wing foil is among 15 and 20 knots (28 and 38kph). Too little wind, and it'll be hard to generate sufficient velocity and begin flying. Too much wind, and you`ll battle to hold control of your board. 

Wing foiling wings


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