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What all I need to buy that I am complete on my next windsurfing trip?

The thing just got serious. You decided to buy windsurfing equipment. 

The photo shows the parts of the equipment that you will need:

windsurf package ready to go

1. Board

2.  Fin

3. Mast-foot

4. Sail

5. Mast & Extension

6. Boom

7. Harness lines

8. Harness

9. Wetsuit or at least board shorts;)

10. Surf buddy

Imagine you are traveling on a Bushmans windsurfing course in 2018.

Board & the sail:

You will need a board with a volume according to your weight and knowledge. One board will be complete enough at the beginning. To cover all the winds you will need two sails. Which size of sails should you choose? Uff ... this is "NUMBER 1” question in windsurfing language and is also very good for meeting new people on the beach. Every time I come to the "spot," I hear: "Hey, what sail size are you rigging? I bet if you have your own equipment you already heard this question too. Just e-mail us and we will try to help you with that.


We recommend a "skinny" mast. This means that it should be thin with lots of carbon inside. When I say lots I mean 85-100% of the carbon. When purchasing a mast, we must pay attention to the hardness (IMCS-Indexed Mast Check System) and length since the models and manufacturers of sails differ from one another. If the wrong mast is inserted into the sail, the sail will still somehow look OK, but it will not work in its full ability. So buy correct mast for your sail. Maybe you heard already this saying: THE MAST IS EVEN MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE SAIL.


When buying an extension, see that it will be long enough to match the mast and sail size. All this is written on a sail. You wonder where this is written?

 We explained in our video, where Živa-me is rigging her North sail. 


Often, extensions do not match the sails and masts. Maybe you'll even need two. Do not worry if you have to buy two, as it is always good to have a reserve one.


Always make sure that it is not too long. Also, buy a thin boom so that you do not get the blisters already when you are carrying it from store to your home.


Do not forget to buy mast foot that matches the extension (the "hole" of the extension). There are various joints. System pin and push-pin / cup. You see the PIN system in the photo.

Well, we described you the basic things, because about windsurfing equipment we can talk 24/7.  And yes we will talk some more. If you do have more questions you can e-mail them with the subject inside: BUSHMANS HOT TIP.

And…and! Do not forget what Elvis Presley sang:

"A little less conversation & more action please." 

-Živa Trajbarič