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The Unveiling: A Closer Look at the 2022 Cabrinhna Mantis V2 Window – Now at 30% Off!

by Web shop 21 May 2023
Cabrinhna Mantis V2 Window sale

Hello everyone, it's time to rev up the adrenaline as we explore one of the most awaited kitesurfing gears of 2022 - The Cabrinhna Mantis V2 Window! And guess what? It’s now available at an exciting discount of 30%!

Cabrinhna, a name synonymous with innovation, reliability, and style in the world of kitesurfing, recently dropped its 2022 line-up and we can't keep calm! At the forefront of this lineup is the evolved and improved Mantis V2 Window.

Building on the Mantis's legendary design, the V2 Window brings an upgrade that the kitesurfing world has been eagerly anticipating. It's not just about the compelling price reduction, but the new wave of technological enhancements that make this gear a must-have for any kitesurfing enthusiast.

Cabrinhna Mantis V2 Window

#Exceptional Features and Performance

The Mantis V2 Window is a one strut kite with a focus on lightweight, efficient performance and superior control. It’s the ideal companion for foil boarding and lightwind freeriding, providing consistent power and precision handling.

The 'Window' is an exciting feature of this model, a transparent canopy section that allows riders to see through the kite. This smart adaptation not only enhances visibility for the rider but also adds an exciting aesthetic touch to the kite.

The V2 model has been tweaked for optimized performance. Changes include an improved leading edge diameter that offers a better low end and more stability. The kite has a well-defined arc that provides consistent power delivery, easy relaunch, and exceptional de-power capability.

Another amazing attribute of the Mantis V2 Window is the 'Nano Ripstop Canopy', a feature that brings about a 30% enhancement in durability with double the tear strength of a standard canopy. Talk about robustness!

Cabrinhna Mantis V2 Window

#The Cabrinhna Advantage

Cabrinhna continues to demonstrate why it's a leading player in the kitesurfing space. Their commitment to innovative design and unparalleled performance is evident in the Mantis V2 Window.

The kite’s build includes high-tenacity Dacron for enhanced stability. In combination with the strategic build, this kite offers great performance across a wide wind range.

Whether you're an old hand at kitesurfing or you're just getting started, Cabrinhna’s commitment to safety cannot be overstated. The Mantis V2 Window comes with the 'Quickloop Overdrive 1x Trimlite' control system. It's an incredibly safe and straightforward system to operate, providing the confidence needed to push your boundaries while staying secure.

#The 30% Discount: An Offer You Can't Refuse

It's not every day that you come across such a magnificent piece of gear at a slashed price. Cabrinhna is offering the Mantis V2 Window at a generous 30% off, making it an offer you cannot afford to pass up. This is the perfect time to upgrade your gear or take the plunge into the world of kitesurfing.

In conclusion, the Cabrinhha Mantis V2 Window 2022 marries innovation, performance, and style into a package that's hard to resist. If you are looking to elevate your kitesurfing game or you simply wish to start your journey with one of the best kites in the business, the Mantis V2 Window is for you.

Grab this opportunity while it lasts. Happy kitesurfing!

(Note: Always remember to consider your skill level and local wind and weather conditions when using any kitesurfing equipment. Safety should always come first.)

Cabrinha mantis v2 sale

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