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The difference between 2017 and 2018 North Idol Ltd sails

Just got the e-mail with a title: 90% of people who pick up their brand of sails have actually no idea why they pick them. 

North Sails Hero 2018

Yes, it is indeed a crazy title and I am sure people will disagree with it. But wait - just think about it - there is a little bit of the truth in this title. Do you know why you ride what you ride? Is it because someone said to you this is the best sail and he did not even know about what attributes he is talking about? You have to know that when it comes to windsurfing we all like to believe we are better than we are or that we know more than we know. 

North Sails Hero 2018

Anyway…I am riding my perfectly designed, constructed, planned or how should I say “sewed” North sails Idols. I was riding already 2015, 2016 models and now I have 2017 and also the brand new ones 2018. So, maybe I could judge the difference between the new sails- 2018 and “old sails- 2017 model”. I am very sorry I will not tell you this “secret” which brand of the sails is the best. Can not, because I would have to go deep into an extensive study of it. ;) But I do know that if you pick North sails 2017 or 2018 it will actually not matter that much, because they both work very good. That is why I love them and I am not payed to tell you this and I even know what I am talking about, because I am windsurfing with those sails almost every day.

So, what is the difference? There is not much of a difference on a first sight. They look identical. But there are some main details which are important.

North Sails Hero 2018 Sails ltd

-2018 model has the main window smaller; this means that the sail is more stable and when you duck the sail it is in a better position. Yes, even better than with 2017. I tasted the difference.

-ducking the sail also works better with 2018 because the sail is actually shorter at boom length. And yes, I have heard freestylers talking about that this is the most important for the new moves. If you want to fly - than you buy this sail.

-the very good thing about 2018 model is that they added also small size of the sail which is 3.6. That is a big plus. This is good for kids and women. Let me mention that in 2017 there was the smallest sail 4.0. If you want to read more about 3.6 sail size, please check older blog posts.