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SUNNY North Soleil 2018 kiteboard

SUNNY SOLEIL                             

Twintips at North kiteboarding just welcomed a very sweet, pretty new member to the family. Freshly made by women for women, is proudly represented as 2018 fearless model with design for strong girls. It is called SOLEIL, the sunny one.

But before you give yourself into that kite-all-day mode with a board that provides amazing performance on the water, let us meet many creative features that composed this beauty.

For wide range of use goes a big thanks to the Step Mono Cave which gives you great upwind performance and that typical smooth style of riding. Complete control comes out of its narrow shape even for lighter girls, who have no worries for carrying the board around before and after a session since the Carbon Beam makes it lighter plus increases the perfect response for the conditions you ride in.


North also invented Torsion Flex that prevents you from losing the grip. Then Soft Flex covers your back even if it is your first or somewhere around fifth time out here because it forgives the mistakes easily and keeps fun on high standards. Absorption Flex Tips - new construct in the tip area of the board holds you flat even in underpowering conditions, meaning there is no fear of not getting out of any situation with class and much appreciated stability, soft landings or said differently, without any unnecessary shocks.

Mostly for freestyle and hooked rides with smooth landings, but due to amazing carving ability loves to take you into some waves as well.

For all the freeriders SOLEIL introduces Comfort with capital initial letter even in choppy water while making you fast and reactive in no time.

This board cannot give you any less than positive vibes, making you a content kiteboarder.


So ... Where them girls at?

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