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Want to learn kiteboarding in Croatia?

Kiteboarding is at its best along Croatia's incredibly long coastline, which makes this stunning country an ideal destination. Croatia is an ideal location to visit if you are interested in kiteboarding and want to either get started or improve your skills.

Along the coast of Croatia, you'll find a number of kiteboarding schools staffed by qualified instructors who can teach you the fundamentals of the sport or assist you in progressing to higher levels of riding. The schools provide lessons ranging from basic to advanced levels, as well as rentals of equipment and protective gear.

Learning to kiteboard in Croatia, with its year-round warm weather and reliable wind, is one of the best ways to get started with the sport. Between the months of May and September, the Meltemi wind, which blows from the north and northwest, makes for ideal conditions for kiteboarding. The water is typically still and completely transparent, making it an ideal environment for education.

In addition to having excellent conditions for kiteboarding, Croatia is a breathtaking country that has a significant cultural and historical legacy. There are a great number of islands to discover, each of which has a special allure all its own. The food and wine are both excellent, and the coastline is breathtakingly beautiful.

If you are interested in kiteboarding and want to learn the sport or improve your skills, Croatia is an excellent location to do either. In Croatia, you will have a memorable and enjoyable experience kiteboarding thanks to the country's highly qualified instructors, excellent wind conditions, and breathtaking scenery.

Join us for kite lessons on amazing location only 15 km away from city Zadar and Zadar airport.

School from June end of August when is season of themrical wind which blows afternoon every day when is stable weather. 

Why this location?

kite lessons croatia
  • sandy beach
  • 2 km big area
  • shallow water
  • thermical steady wind
  • we use Duotone top kites in school
  • direct access with car on beach
  • free parking
  • Bar on beach
  • family friendly location 
  • restaurants in location

 Duotone kitesurfingION wetsuits

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