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ION wetsuits Amaze Amp women range for 2021

It has been a funny summer, don't you think so? And maybe winter can also be funny with a good winter wetsuit. Why funny? Because there is no better escape from covid-19 than one day runaway on the local spot where you can have a mind-off session. 

Every year the ION brand releases a new design for women wetsuits. You may find a very femenine look in ION Amaze Amp women collection. These suits will keep you comfortable in the water and are also flexible enough for whatever you plan on doing. Without a doubt these days wetsuits are better made, lighter and more flexible. The end result is that you get more for your money. 

So, let's take a look at what ION Amaze Amp women is offering in the 2021 collection.

  • ION Amaze Amp back zip women
  • ION Amaze Amp chest zip women

  • ION Amaze Amp back zip women

    The key is to try as many wetsuits as possible to find “the one”. Please don’t apply this rule on choosing your boyfriend or husband. 

    Of course in “covid-19 situation” to try on wetsuits and go shopping is not so pleasurable. That's why these tips may help you to order a new neoprene online. If you are new to the community of water sports enthusiasts and you are looking for a new “wetty” the ION Amaze Amp back zip women is a great choice

    It’s toasty warm with it’s Hot_Stuff 2.0 material which allows limitless movement. A big plus for those wetsuit is protection on the shins (crash pads). Maybe it sounds like this is not a big deal but for beginners this is definitely important if they want to avoid bruises and evening pain in the legs.

    For beginner kitesurfers and windsurfers it is almost a must to have protection on the shins.

    ION Amaze Amp women back zip comes in different warmth sizes: 6/5 mm, 5/4 mm, 4/3 mm. 

    ION Amaze Amp chest zip women

    Let’s say this is not your first wetsuit and you want to get a perfect winter wetsuit for your body. The number one tip I can give you to buy yourself ION Amaze Amp chest zip women with a hoodie. Yes, I said with a hoodie. Hoodie wetsuits have been on the market for decades and 2021 surf fashion says they are in the lead, plus with a hoodie wetsuit you avoid the nasty exostoses (Surfer’s ear). 

    ION Amaze Amp chest zip women gives you a warm feeling due to the neoprene entrance. Once you wear it, it’s very hard for the water to come inside through chest zip. Actually the only place where the water can enter is in your neck area. But with chest zip wetsuit your neoprene neck is nicely tight. Another positive thing about this “wetty” it’s comfiness. The Silk stuff material gives a pleasant filling on the skin.

    ION Amaze Amp chest zip women comes in different warmth sizes: 6/5 mm (hoodie wetsuit), 5/4 mm, 4/3 mm, 3/2 mm. 

    Both of the ION Amaze Amp women wetsuits are designed “bluetifully” blue (color: blue capsule) with a pinch of yellowish-orange stripes. It’s always nice to wear something what you like, right?