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ION Wetsuits 2018 are online to buy


 ION Wetsuits

There is no true waterman that never heard about ION. For any scene with a board on the salty surface, they offer you high quality products when it comes to letting yourself into action.


But their new collection of wetsuits is what will completely blow your mind. ION is the answer to the various conditions, mixed challenges and expectations. With all kinds of lengths, types of neoprene, zippers and seams you have to invest some time in choosing only a few, when every single wetsuit has a charm on its own.


ION 2018 Wetsuits Muse Shorty Crossback 1.5 DL

Witty features like anti-smell (Sanitized®) or sweep cut for even more freedom of movement works closely together with outside use to attract some winks on the beach with 2018 generation of ION wetsuits.


Plus they still keep in mind your need to store the keys, over protect your torso and knees or just close all ways for water getting you unprepared in the middle of the heat. Working towards the complete and the most ultimate product, we love giving them a chance of sweeping us off our feet. Now it is up to you as well ...


Hang out with Long Johns in summertime, ride with someone from Onyx family or Strike out cold evening water, then try out warmer models for winter. And for those guys, who think temperatures does not matter if the wind is playful, stay safe in Fuse Drysuit. Also, special announcement for all the little ones, seize the splash opportunities with Capture.



There are also some pretty neaten shelves and some attractive models to meet. For the girl crew who has adventure in the veins and love for the ocean in any condition 2018 is going to be a good year. Become beautified by Jewels, team up with Mid Mary or join the team Trinity and try out ION Elements.

You can define your true style at out store.