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ION BIKE Women WEAR 2019

Are you ready to hear about girls and their dirty, muddy ION bike fashion?

Today I represent you ION BIKE WEAR for women. I dig it and I will tell you why.

There are four different styles of bike apparel.

Traze; is a trail line.

Scrub; is a mountain/enduro and freeride line.

Seek; is a freeride line.

Outerwear; is a weatherproof garment.

Base layer; is a bike-specific baselayer.

It’s a sunny March and this year hasn’t “really” been winter in Slovenian land.

What about your place?

But anyway cold windy breeze can quickly become a chilly disaster for our bones on the bike. Especially if it is a foggy and rainy day.

Still, this weather doesn’t stop us from going out there and do our thing. Ok... It stop us if we don't have some clothing to wear. Let me tell you about a new recommendation of bike clothes.

ION Bike women 2019

Let’s say you need an entirely new wardrobe for all these bike adventures you have on the bucket list. That is right! Bucket list needs to be marked so we feel happy and in the meantime, our heart becomes full of fresh Oxygen and ready to live for 100 years.

Let's dress you/us up in clothes which are 100% comfortable, lightweight, and breathable.

To feel fresh and good we need to first put on underwear.

*ION has great base bike underwear.  

Cool IN-shorts short (WMS) are a tight fit and made in 2 beautiful colors (bluejay and sea green).

To cover your upper body area you can choose to wear a tank or a tee. Both of those shirts have ION LOGO on the chest area and they do fit really nicely on the women body.

*I am writing about:


Yessa!!! You have just covered all the illegal parts on your body. Now it is time to add some style and attitude on top of you.

You should first think about where and when you bike so you can choose what kind of clothes fits you the most.

Let’s say at home you already have lots of T-shirts and you only need to get bike pants. I know this is usually my case scenario. I am always looking for some pants and I always do need two of them (short & long). Here are some ideas and suggestions for buying a good bike pants.

Short pants from TRAZE (Bike shorts TRAZE AMP WMS) are very comfortable and from SCRUB line of clothing, they are very durable. You can really get intimidated by bike shorts from Scrub AMP WMS because they are not only durable but also flexible in all directions. The material is super nice on touch and it feels good wearing them.

Once you have the underwear and bike shorts you’re covered for upcoming spring trails. YEY!

Spring can bring some nasty rain and also wind can become our friend if we have some anti-wind and rain materials on us. In this case, OUTER wear collection comes in handy.

Outerwear 3 layer jacket scrub AMP WMS is made from waterproof and windproof materials. Those materials allow humidity to escape to the outside of the fabric. A jacket has a self-adjustable hoody, because ION figure it out that is better that is self-adjustable so our head has the full potential of movement and our eyes have always a good view around us.Also they created the hood this way so the helmet can fit  good on top of it.

Softshell pants shelter WMS are also very flexible and comfortable. I just love those. They fit great and are easy to clean.

Maybe you love Cargo-style bike shorts?

Then get yourself ION BIKE SHORTS SEEK WMS. Durable & robust pants, which are over the knees. They have lots of pockets so you can store a mobile device or some trail maps in them. Those will stay dry because material guarantees protection against light rain.

Don’t forget about wearing some nice and good material socks, gloves and knee protection. All of those things you can find in the online store od

And if you are not into minimalism which I am lately preaching then get yourself an extra sweater which is called TEE LS SEEK WMS. It is a surf oriented bike long sleeve sweater. Designed super nice and violet colour is at the moment totally 2019. Always good to have some feel-good sweaters in the closet, don’t you think?

Are you suit up? Ready to put your bike on SUV and meet up somewhere in the mountains?

I hope you are and that I helped you with some bike wear details. 

-Živa Trajbarič, @bushmans.trips