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ION 2019 wetsuits coming in September 2018
There is a breaking point in every man. If you have ever put on the wetsuit then you know what a pain in the ass it is. Not just putting it on but also to choose which one to buy.
Usually, it goes like this: 
Should I take this one or the other one?!!
Constant DILEMA similar to choosing the size of the sail or a kite when going on the water. 
So, new 2019 ION wetsuits are here. And that is a great news. New colors, new materials, comfier... 
Ion is lately improving its quality of the wetsuits and they even hired an artist to design some special artsy wetsuits.
I must say the new style of wetsuit looks like a painting with some colorful brush. 
The artist Michael Sina (who designed them) takes his inspiration mostly from nature. 
That's why this year is all about:
-experiencing nature
-facing the elements
feeling its forces.
Oh, wait!!! This is like ION mojo for years! 
The new collection is called The Capsule Line. 
There are many choices and as Michal Sina explains that nature is glamorous to the point of confusion. So, are you confused about choosing a wetsuit?
I am not here to talk once more about what kind of wetsuit you should buy, but I am here to tell you about the latest "surfing fashion"
(If you need help with buying a wetsuit please do read a previous blog).
But first, let's talk about ION WETSUIT TECHNOLOGY IN 2019. 
This years "suits" technology offers new I-foam which gives the wetsuits more freedom and movement. 
Also plasma plush has a looped fabric which is awesome because this means that in between the air is trapped for best insulation.
The result of this is quick drying thanks to this material and woven in channel structure. 
There is also this cool NINJA spine and NINJA's knees. The material there is different, more elastic so the movement is easier and more mobile.
The material to keep us warm is called hot stuff 2.0 (the bigger looped fabric).
The names for wetsuits haven't changed a lot. But because is so many I could tell you from my perspective which one seems cool to me as an observer and water enthusiast.
Do not forget that "EVERY BODY" has their own style I am just making suggestions for you.
For example, there is a LONG JANE which is a super sexy wetsuit.
They used to be totally modern, but this old-school wetsuit is totally becoming a new school fashion. 
Just imagine a woman in it. Long legs, short sleeves, cross on the back and some good old black rubber. I must say ladies in this look as "D cat women".
(Check out MUSE LONG JANE (1.5mm))
There is also this cool shorty called MUSE HOT SHORTY. I would also go with this one because it has a nice cut on the booty. 
But if you are "no go" with showing your booty you can choose from many different summer wetsuits. 
I have to tell you that high cuts in wetsuits are not any more so modern. So you'll also be in "better style" with some over knee wetsuit.
If there is a little bit of wind chill I suggest you even buy long sleeves and legs with 3/2mm. There are various of that kind. 
For example Trinity Element Semidry looks gorgeous and super fashionable. It has these fancy red sleeves and blacklegs.
It looks like you are wearing those sexy "high socks over knees".
And if the temperatures are even lower the good choice is Jewel Select Semidry (5/4mm for example). This wetsuit is really warm and stretchy
It also has a stylish white detail on the right hand. 
The most famous wetsuits worth to mention it for the guys is STRIKE and ONYX. 
Regular vs. tight. 
If you are up to date than I must mention that nothing has changed since the previous season. The big suggestion for those who are a bit "stronger"-brawnier is to choose STRIKE over ONYX. 
Because Strike feels half a size bigger than the Onyx
It has slightly wider biceps. 
It has also wider hip, waist femur, and bigger lower leg circumference.
It also has detachable VELCRO LEG LOOPS. They prevent water from rushing into the suit. 
The STRIKE has also crash_padz on shins and ribs and glide skin panel at the back which is good for wind chill protection.
Onyx is also a great wetsuit because feels lighter. Actually, it feels like you have a second skin on. This means more flexibility and mobility. Totally
recommending for the freestylers and surfers.
ION 2019 products will be available to buy in our shop from 1.september 2019