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Introduction of windsurfing
Many people ask windsurfers why they do it? And the simple answer is because we are obsessed with it, we love it and it is simply the best sport. Do you need more explanation about windsurfing? As already the name explains that this is the sport where you need water, wind, and equipment.
Windsurfing equipment Norh sails
The credits for inventing the first sailboard goes to S.Newman Darby. This was one hell of a big board. Let us not talk about old-school material which was pretty different from nowadays. New school material is relatively small that is why you can see windsurfers performing jumps, inverted loops, spinning maneuvers and other freestyle moves that can not be matched with a sailboat.
And we should not forget that windsurfers were the first to ride the world's largest waves, such as Jaws on the island of Maui.
Reputation of windsurfing is often all about extreme sport, but it is not all about that. You can easily start from a beginning like many people do right now and slowly you progress to the point where you can say that you “feel freedom and wind in your hair”. 
To start you usually go to a spot where is flat water and light constant winds. And the coolest thing is that during the course of one week you get immediate results. Not only you progress and gain confidence, but windsurfing is also great exercise. Obviously, every sport is great fitness, but windsurfing has it all. You will be using all of your muscles as also cardiovascular system.
The best thing is that this intensity is changing during your progression. Also, you will see the results in changing your equipment. First, you will start on a big board and then you will progress to a smaller and more smaller board. Big board are usually from 150-200 liters in size. But it can get smaller to 60 liters. What about length? The boards are 2.5-3 meters long. Between the board and the sail there is a connection with mast foot. The sails are big between 2.5-12 m2. But the choice of sail depends on your own skills, windy conditions and the style you wish to perform on the water. Offcourse all of it depends also on your body measurements.
Once you get your own equipment or rent is some center on the spot you will be glad you did it and if you are the kind who likes challenges than this sport is really good for you. Because of this sport is a never-ending journey in which you can either go learning new tricks all the time or spend hundreds or more attempts perfecting that one.
This means it never gets boring. No matter which discipline you will get into. It never gets boring. It never gets boring because it is also a very social sport. Everyone is willing to share their knowledge with you if you a stuck or having trouble with the sport.
windsurfing action north sails
If this did not convince you to start windsurfing than you just simply need to try it and enjoy the fun. Because soon as you will be up on the board and drive those few meters you will get the feeling you have never had before.