Posted on by Vic Kundra

Inflatable Sail GUIDE - IRIG - Starting windsurfing has never been easier with inflatable sail
And I am totally serious about this. I can not believe that I went through such "painful" method learning with heavy sails. But I guess times are changing and also windsurfing equipment is unbelievably developing fast. 
Let me introduce you to the first and at the moment "the only" iRIG which is the lightest rig on the windsurfing planet. 
The sail looks like a kite and for sure it is light as a kite. Its wight we can compare to 1.5L of a water bottle "in our picture we have just Gin bottle to compare:) ". And oh yes, you can pack it in a small backpack. This means you throw it in your car, drive with the whole family for a weekend getaway to the nearest lakeside and enjoy with your kids, wife in light wind conditions. 
Irig bag size
I say light because you can not use this in a strong wind. No, no! It does not work like that. But if you want strong wind you go on the vacation in the remote country & probably you are a good windsurfer already. So, I am talking about iRIG as a perfect beginner gear.
Irig inflatable sail for kids
Perfect, especially for kids which you already know, have not much power in the hands to hold the "heavy" sails.  It is so light it was like made for the babies;). And I should not forget the ladies.  Why lift heavy stuff if you can learn basic windsurfing easier.
And this iRIG is also epic for your picnic days. Imagine light wind or maybe even no wind and you are sailing and introducing the sport to your friends in an unpainful way because its hard to get bruises on that material. ;)
Irig kids inflatable sail
How does it actually work? Easy. You rig-pump the sail like a kite, connect it to your inflatable SUP and off you go!
Would I use it? I guess on total beginning I would! Now? Not really because advance windsurfing is impossible with it. This is only to learn driving upwind, downwind, stopping, some basic turns like a tack. The rest is hard. Everything stops when you start learning harness. But that is not a point of IRIG as we already mentioned above.
And I do even have one good idea for the ones who like to try new stuff. For example, you do not like the sea or deep waters. Or maybe this summer you will be chilling by the pool with one good cocktail and watching your kids playing in the pool, trying windsurfing. 
I remember when I was a kid the only thing what I did in summer was being on the pool with friends driving slides like 100 times, jumping in the water like 1000 times and at the end of the day I was sitting next to the pool with still some energy or enthusiasm to try something new. And btw it was always a little bit windy as I remember. Just a bit so I could play with iRIG. Why did they not made this before already?  Oh, yea! Ask for permission. I guess in my hometown pool they would allow it because they love new ideas!
Which one to buy? There are 4 options or 4 sizes of the iRIG.
Just read the description of it and decide depending on the age. For example, iRIG XS is for the kids up to 6 years. It is extra small.
So maybe you get a bigger one also for some bigger friends or ladies. It does not really matter how heavy you are. Think about it like that you check the height of the boom. If you are especially buying it for a kid remember that the boom is in the height of your shoulders.