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GUIDE: What is Paddle boarding ?

Every water body on this planet could be used for stand up paddling. Much like surfing, paddle boarding has gained enough attention in recent years to attract people from all walks of life. The sheer adrenaline rush you feel as you stand up and paddle during magic hour feels as if you were literally walking on water. It’s an experience unlike anything else.

What Is SUP?

SUP simply stands for “standard paddle boarding.” It is considered to be among the fastest growing water sport in the world. Stand Up paddleboarding has ancient roots in Hawaii, where it translates to “Hoe he’e nalu”. One of the many reasons standup paddleboarding has become so popular is because it’s covered by world-renowned photographers and professional instructors.

Different Kinds Of Boards

Stand Up paddle boards come in different sizes, and shapes, and are made of different materials. Inflatable paddle boards are not just cheap in comparison to hard boards, but they offer a unique experience and are very easy to carry. You could bring your inflatable paddle board on a plane, vacation, camping site and of course, your home.

Different Kinds Of Boards

Some of the commonly known paddle boards are:

All-Around Paddle Boards

padlle boards allround family

These are usually longer than your average paddle board with less rocky edges around it. All-around paddle boards might not be the fastest, but they’re perfect for floating on your own, cruising, or just hanging out on calm water.

Surf Style Paddle Boards

Surf style paddle boards are designed specifically for ocean surfing and typically have a narrow shape with a solid base which allows the board to be rhythmic to the thrust of the ocean waves that lifts the face of the paddle board.

As you reach down to the edge of your board, the cruising ocean waves slide past you. Most of the surfers fit into a 10’6” surfboard.

Touring Paddle Boards

It’s larger in comparison to other boards with broad, round edges that give you the ability to glide with much faster speed. You could glide large flat rivers, open ocean, and lakes. These types of boards cover long distant areas with immaculate pace.

Racing Paddle Boards

The only variable that you should take into account with racing paddle boards is how you measure your board size. Ideal board of 14 feet should be optimal for someone with a height 6 feet. These boards have a long neck with a sleek design.

SUP Models

Stubby Air

Fanatic stubby air paddle board

It’s one of the most recognizable products introduced by Fanatic. It caters to the needs of light and heavyweight travelers. The average recommended user weight is 50 to 100 kg. And it’s approximately 8’6” in length with a stylized double diamond tail setup that gives you extra agility to hold onto the board for more creativity.

Stubby Air is manufactured with Double Layer Light technology that ensures incredible stiffness and maintains weight ratio for an instantaneous reaction.

Diamond Air

Fanatic diamond air women paddle board

Diamond Air sparks the surfing spirit and timeless elegance for female riders. It’s an overall performer with sweet style and ease of use that encompasses astounding quality, simplicity, and lightweight handling.

Fanatic offers Diamond Air in 9’8” & 10’4” versions. All-Around Fly Air and All-Around Pure Air are sub-products of the same category from Fanatic.

It comes with a Premium Backpack and Power Pump HP2. It’s crafted from state-of-the-art Drop Stitch material with Stringer technology that allows endurance and durability like no other.

Touring Endurance iSUP

Unifiber’s Endurance 12’6” is designed for touring. With its increased length, decreased width, and singular fin setup, you minimize your drag.  If you ever wanted to explore lagoon, lakes, and rivers, Endurance iSUP would be the ideal choice.

Paddleboards launched by Unifiber in 2019 are constructed with MSL Fusion pre-laminated drop-stitch technology that amalgamates lightness, strength, stiffness and brilliance. It’s also covered with integrated Deck Net on the bow to waterproof any of your valuable items.

Yoga iSUP Mantra

Unifiber yoga paddle board

Unifiber arguably launched the best SUP board in the market for yoga and other exercises. The 10’2” Yoga iSUP Mantra is reliably suited to all women due to its large width with even bigger EVA pad that allows you to have a firm grip on the paddleboard.

It has a unique paddle storage option that can be stored during your yoga session and could carry your paddle boarding wetsuits. Additionally, the board can also be connected to Mandala iDock for group sessions.

Falcon Air 12’6”

Fanatic Falcon SUP

If your game is to outclass narrow waterline, crammed with stiff and lightweight construction, your optimal selection should be Falcon Air 12’6”.

Fanatic’s Falcon Air is available in both 12’6” and 14’0” length. Its immersive gliding efficiency appeals to surfers and racers alike and keep you ahead of the pack.

Where To SUP

The thing about stand-up paddle boarding is how boundless and limitless it can be. Although there are no specific guidelines for each ocean, river, pond or lake, once you figure out the ‘what’ part of the SUP paddle boarding, it gets slightly easier to get to know the ‘how’ part. Deciding an appropriate paddle location can allow you to roam freely on your own terms.

Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe is well known for its pristine water quality and stunning natural beauty. Paddleboarders also come to see the lake for its snow-capped mountains. The water is clean enough to see through the granite boulders at the bottom of the lake.

paddling lake tahoe

Hanalei River, Kauai, Hawaii

Lavish taro and green fields surround it for as wide as you can see. You could spend all day supping through the American Cultural Heritage River site until you reach the beautiful bay. Photographers, however, are attracted to this place due to its lively wildlife.

 Hanalei River, Kauai, Hawaii paddle boarding

Glacier Bay, Alaska

If you can summon the courage to stand up to the cold conditions, Glacier Bay, Alaska becomes one of the most overwhelmingly beautiful SUP paddling spot on the planet.

Alaska paddle boarding

Mission Bay, San Diego

San Diego is the most populated spot for SUP paddle boarding. It boasts lush ocean views of California City and the Pacific Ocean and an all-year-round perfect weather condition.

Mission Bay, San Diego paddle boarding

Lake Powell, Arizona

Lake Powell has distinct rock formulations that have been created over millions of years. Even when it’s crowded, the zigzag rock positioning and abundance of caves leaves enough room to explore. Besides, you simply can’t go wrong with dozens of red-rock Canyons in your background.

Lake Powell, Arizona stand up paddle boarding