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It is winter and let us start with the ultimate survival dress which is called WETSUIT. This guide is for Neil Pryde men wetsuits only because it is one hell of a rubber which is one of the most endurable on the market. Truly.

You need something to warm you up in the water? Then you need the ULTIMATE WIND DEFENSE, wetsuit called NP COMBAT Wetsuits. Yup. it is true that Neil Pryde also calls its wave sails COMBAT. 

Anyway, long story short it is a nice looking black rubber on the outside and on the inside. 

Neil Pryde has a saying about this wetsuit which is: PROTECTS LIKE IS 6mm (even though you can only buy 5/4/3 mm). There are three kinds of Combat wetsuit:

Neil Pryde Wetsuit FZ FULLSUIT 5/4/3 mm

Neil Pryde Wetsuit BZ FULLSUIT 5/4/3 mm

Neil Pryde Wetsuit BZ S/S 3/2mm

 Neil Pryde Wetsuit COMBAT FULLSUIT FZ 5/4/3Neil Pryde Wetsuit 2019 COMBAT BZ S/S 3/2

Let us leave the last one out because it is more like a summer wetsuit without long sleeves... And at the moment we need something hotter. Much hotter. 

And YES COMBAT has a chest zip. You know what that means? More flexy & stretchy. I actually advise everyone not to buy a back zip. You are VERY SOON IN 2019, PEOPLE. No back zips in 2019;).

If we are speaking about stretchiness of the wetsuits we should definitely mention Neil Pryde wetsuit called MISSION. I love MISSION. Actually silver colored more than a blue one- but that is just a taste. Anyway MISSION will stretch your limits to the maximum & who does not like a wetsuit that does that? No, need to answer that. It is a rhetorical question.

MISSION is made for cold conditions 6-12 Celsius.  

AND WAUUU - the wetsuit also takes care of your cramping problems. I do not really know how this is possible but Pryde team claims that it features forearms for anti-cramping.

I did already see many people get cramps while being on the water, but those were usually happening in the lower body muscles known as Soleus and Gastrocnemius. So, dear Neil Pryde please develop next year also the anti-cramping system on the legs. 



Are you always freezing and you need an even warmer wetsuit?

Than the RECON IS FOR YOU. It is made for ICY conditions (0-9 Celsius). Available in 6/5/3 mm. 

BTW does anyone actually surf in 7mm? Write me I would love to talk about it and do an interview.

So Reckon is keeping us warm with fully taped seams inside and out and wrist seal to keep it watertight. The coolest stuff is the thermal insulation on the chest, back, and legs. What about anti-cramping? IT HAS! 

 Neil Pryde Wetsuit 2019 RECON FULLSUIT HOOD FZ 6/5/3Neil Pryde Wetsuits RECON FULLSUIT FZ 5/4/3

Here comes the wetsuit with a hoody. Must say I heard a lot of complaints about wetsuit stitched with the hoody because then you actually have to wear it all the time. So think about it in what kind of waters you are in. As one of the RECON wetsuits has a hood also  CORTEX has it.  Already the name says it all. CORTEX- HEAD SKULL - IN A WINDSURFING WORLD means NEOPRENE HOODY. 


Cortex is very similar to Recon only that it is more affordable. Usually, the wetsuits which are more affordable are not that stretchy. But this is usually. PRYDE WETSUIT 2019 CORTEX FULLSUIT BZ 5/4/3

I am interested in what will you buy for winter 2019? Recon, Mission, Combat, Cortex or any other brand?


Let me know and have the wonderful DECEMBER DAYS.

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