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How to take care of your wetsuit?

You bought it, You got it. You wear it. You destroy it.

That is the way it is. And you are a lucky one if you destroy it. 
Lucky? Because you are actually wearing it.
Unlucky? If you don t wear it and destroy it. Then it's time to send it back from where it came from.

Precious wetsuits are keeping us warm and protecting us from the environmental "issues". These precious things were invented by the U.S. military. Of course, they were.
Anyway back in the days, the wetsuits were baggy with a boy leg cut. Modern ones are phenomenal although they still smell nice and they actually can still not be dry all through.

They still are the keepers.

That is why we should follow some simple rules of how to take care of them.

1. Don't piss in your wetsuit.
Even though you have the best session in your life and you don't want to get out of the water to look for the one and only toilet on the beach - do not piss in your wetsuit.
If you already did it. Wash the smell out in a washing machine with 0-10 degrees and zero substances added. I tried & it works & yes I admit - I pissed in it.

2. Don't dry it on the sun.
The sun will do no good except that your "wetty" will shrink and maybe torn like a piece of paper. If that's your plan - go for it.
If you are drying it for a second quick session turn it on the inside out. You already know that right?

3. Wash salt water off.
Rinse it with a sweet water after every use.
Even if you have been in a sweet water- rinse it at home with a fresh one to avoid any bacteria or whatsoever in it.

4. Say no to the hanger.
It will only rip your neoprene shoulders and make a nice hole the next time you will try to put it on. So, don't.

5. No shampoo for it
I must say that on every neoprene label is a sign not to shampoo your wetsuit. I guess they have a good reason for it. So obey it!
Materials don't like it, it is that easy.

Let me finish with what I already wrote...
Wear it and destroy it!