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Fuerteventura spots - where the magic happens

Although just the mention of the word Fuerteventura has been enough to describe the island as windy and adventurous.

Even that the island is really known among the windsurfers there are still not so many people who know which spot is the one that makes people come back again and again. If you have been already on Fuerte than you know that you do not just see the island but you also feel it.

fuertaventura windsurf

Imagine you are on the moon and the waves are moving in jazz motion, the birds are flying in the wind and the colours of the ocean have all the blues in it which a painter can create. There isn’t many destinations on our beautiful planet which looks worse on the photos than in real. I have’t seen one photography that could decribe Risco del Paso in its total beauty.

Let us focus on the southern part of the island where we are going to travel through this blog as soon as we land in Puerto del Rosario and rent a car. Yes, you for sure need your rent a car for Fuerteventura. There are just too many beaches to see and spots which will make you richer for the experience of it.

Let’s drive now together to our first windsurfing spot - called Matas Blancas. I have no idea why they name it BLANCAS (blanco in Spanish means white), because as the opposite of its meaning the sand here is vulcanical black with little round rocks. The spot is flat and works much better before the season kicks in than in total high season called summer. Matas has it’s history but the new windsurfing and kitesurfing center just started to write it’s own two years ago or even less.

When the summer kicks in, the spots Sotavento and Risco del Paso goes on fire. Those are two spots on the east coast and more southern than Matas Blancas. We will first make a stop on the spot of famous windsurfing center Rene Eglee, which is mostly famous because here every year at the end of July is organised World cup for windsurfers (slalom, freestyle) and also kitesurfers (strapless).

Risco del Paso

Please, do yourself a favour and check this event in 2018. The whole crowd smells like coconut oil, the waves are splashing on the shore while the crowd is observing and cheering for the flying professionals on the water. After we see this awesome Sotavento beach and drink a beer or two in the shades of palm trees of a kite station we move on to Risco del Paso.

Risco is where all the magic happens. This is where you want to windsurf. This spot will get in your consciusness after you see it at its full beauty. The big lagoon which fills on high tide is pefect for learning and progressing. Imagine your kids playing and windsurfing in it while you can go speed racing on your own outside of the lagoon. Too good to be true. If you want to freestyle than for you is better mid-tide. This is how it works and no explanation needed. Let’s just say you will stay in Risco and windsurf your heart out till the dark with amazing sunset sessions and your own gear, beacause unfortunately the center closes when the nicest session begin. Sometimes it’s super cool to have your own equipment. Pros and cons. But you already know that.

Now you are totaly tired and it is time for evening paella or some grilled fresh fish caught by local fishermans which is easy to be bought in Mercadona.

PKRA Feurtaventura

Yes, Fuerteventrua is a big adventure or should I say a big surprise. The Atlantic ocean can change the shore very fast so every day is like you are windsurfing a new spot, even if you are all the time on the same one. You will just have to adapt and enjoy. The spots works best on the North, North East wind and in winter you can catch some nice sessions on strong south also. Why Risco del Paso? Because it can be totally flat with long rides beside the shore and then the next day you can get 2 meters high waves - perfect for jumping with left leg in front. On the way back you make some nice sprays and go above your limits, because it is perfectly safe to try out new things on this white sandy beach. Just sand, you and turquize water. In summer time usual wind is 25 knots and gusts can be over 30 knots. So pack your sails from 3.6-5.0. More? You do not need bigger. Unless you want speed records.

Feurtaventura windsurf

Here is where our adventure ends. But does it really ends? No, this part of the Spanish archipelago of Canarias sits 125 kilometers of the coast of north Africa and about 1000 kilometers south of Iberian Peninsula.

 Fuertaventrua windsurf

In other words way off the map. Which is super great to be somewhere where you can be naked and feel like it is back in the 80s.