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Finally small freestyle North sail(s) size for strong conditions (3.6 IDOL LTD)

How cool is that?

North Sails IDOL 2018 free shipping

North sails made for the very first time small freestyle sail - size 3.6. It feels like driving powerful bulldozer. This sail for me works very good and I could not wait to unroll it, rig it, connect it with my board and shake it in the wind. I have no idea what the masters did with it, that it works so fine and that you can easily plan with it.

Even if it is low wind you can fly with it. It looks like the main sail window hugs the wind and “make it fly”. Before I had to use 3.4 hero that went all the time in the water when I wanted to duck it. This is why I could not wait that North sails made smaller freestyle sail from 4.0. There are many windsurf spots with lots of powerful wind and also many girls, kids trying freestyle but they can not handle in heavy conditions with 4.0 or bigger size of the sail.
Let me tell you how it actually works.
North Sails IDOL 2018 sea

Super high clew allows that you duck fast and with this you avoid to lose the speed. And than there is this Dacron material which generates maximum lift for all the jumps against the sail. The main window - between first and second batten is a bit bigger— has A BIT bigger gap and this is why the sail go in total neutral position once you sheet out or duck the sail.

Now you know what I mean with hugging the wind and gaining high speed after sheeting in the sail.

From now on you can perfectly combine your North freestyle sails sizes. (At least me).


Those are the sail sizes from North sails IDOL LTD 2018.

Most of the people think that they can easily break. But I ensure you they are also made strong, even if it looks like not.

You know how they say: looks aren’t everything.

- Živa Trajbarič