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Fanatic Sky wing 2022 Guide

Our new scope of Sky Wing models develops to nine devoted shapes and takes effectiveness to another level. Ride the littlest board conceivable in the lightest of winds!

In the event that you thought the past Sky Wing range was driving the way in Wing Foiling – attempt one of these up and coming shapes and you'll be dazzled the amount of a change a board can make.

The reach is parted in three distinct ways, with the two littlest states of 4'6" and 4'7" being devoted Prone/Wing progressed combo sheets, with low volume, more extreme base shapes and all elements expected to stretch the boundaries.

The Wing Allround range from 4'8" to 5'8" has its emphasis on the most punctual take-off conceivable with insignificant board size. Our shaper Sky Solbach joined the early planing rocker line of our past 5'4" with a sharp delivery confine rail and slight angles the nose area. The additional float permitted to pull in tail and nose layout somewhat to decrease getting reciprocally and on the wave. The spotless methodology with a lot of volume under your feet takes into account a continuous touch-down, which helps students and bad-to-the-bone freestylers the same – you just never stall out!

Fanatic Sky wing 2022

The 6'3" is devoted for everybody getting into Wing Foiling. The additional length and piles of volume transforms you into a dependent winger quickly! The 6'3" is additionally accessible in a Soft Top version with an agreeable, solid and grippy full EVA deck and rail cover.

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Avaliable sizes: 

SIZES: 4'6" / 4'7" / 4'8" / 5'0" / 5'2" / 5'4" / 5'6" / 5'8" / 6'3"

Sky Wing Team Edition

You need it light – here comes the Sky Wing Team Edition in full Carbon Prepreg development of our number one shapes for most riders and conditions. The weight is essentially unbelievable. When you get one of these polished mint sticks it's difficult to stand up to. Assuming you need the best – the Team Edition flies prior, hops higher and pivots speedier. This board will in a real sense lift your winging to a higher level.

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