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Fanatic 2018 Windsurf Foil Flow H9

In pursuit of a new challenge? A pretty fascinating one, may we add. Making you wanna try out this freshly cut  tool? It seems that windfoiling is taking over the world of windsurfing. Be a part of it with Flow H9 by Fanatic. It is a baby from Ken Winner, an ex windsurf Champion, a winner.

 Fanatic windsurf

Join in for the new era - same passion but different feeling. Long lasting will not be only the session you take but the function and durability of your foil also. High specification Aluminium mast and Carbon Compound made wings.

 Fanatic Windsurf foil

User friendly means it is more stable but you are free as ever. Smaller sails give you the power of enjoyment in just a breeze plus saves your energy when lifting it up. Sense of control stays with you even in greater speed. Delivering a wide range and a chance to step up in your performance.

Germany is a source of all materials and guess what? Formula 1 Fusion technology helped as well. Quality shakes hands with your wallet and invites into new horizons with front wing surface of 744 cm2. One of Fanatic Flow Performance features is high lift and as for the tech stuff go - fully padded travel bag is waiting, while the beginners can jump into the world of water sports in schools, too.

Fanatic Windsurf Foil 2018


Why ride it? Because only the unsteady conditions and work of balance make a skillful windsman - and provide a new level of fun, of course.


Evolve. Be fanatic.