Posted on by patrik jerenec

Duotone Rebel 2021 is out !

New season is comming and new Duotone rebel 2021 is here !

This year, Flex Struts have been consolidated into the plan; these permit the kite to bend when you input guiding reaction through the bar. This has made the Rebel a lot quicker through the turn and more powerful than in earlier years. The kite feels sportier, more like a race vehicle, finely tuned and good to go.


The breeze go on the Rebel is extraordinary, the five-swagger plan keeps the shape stable noticeable all around, so at the top end there is basically no restriction, the hops simply get greater, and the hangtime endures longer. With a few trim choices on the bar, the Rebel is likewise exceptionally flexible, you can set the kite up for the states of the day and how you need it to fly.

A natural Sheet and Go feeling through the bar makes it an extraordinary kite for learners and riders needing to improve the manner in which they ride. From your absolute first bounces to the greatest airs you might envision; the Rebel is the ideal accomplice at all times. Prepare for take-off and experience flying in a manner you can just get with the Rebel!