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The brand North Kiteboarding (windsurfing) is changing its name to Duotone
The brand North Kiteboarding (windsurfing) is changing its name to Duotone
Have you already heard the strong rumor about Boards and More changing the name of the brand North Kiteboarding (windsurfing) to Duotone? Yes, it is true! They are launching the new brand Duotone on 1st of August 2018 and their website with a countdown is here:
So, we will not use anymore the names like North sails, North kiteboarding like we were using them for 18 years but we will use Duotone which sounds to me a little bit Italian. Do you agree? Like two tones of color;=)
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If you have checked the website then you can see their main phrase is being TRUE. They represent authenticity. Which I think is really good, because sounds like they really love the sports.
Anyway, why they are changing the name I truly do not know and I guess only the main bosses know. The word on the beaches is they actually have to change the name. At the moment they are changing only the name and not the bosses. This means the dealers will stay the same and also they guarantee any warranty claims in legal periods. This means no worries for previous North buyers.
From my perspective, the only thing that I know is that Duotone is an old snowboard brand
Everything else (except the name) will stay the same. The quality of the products the same! Do not worry, we buyers can only look forward to this change. 
Actually, all the employees will remain the same. So I guess the quality will for sure stay great. In an interview, they explained they will focus more on foil surfing. Of course, they will do that because nowadays it is a big trend.
I have already said I will remain positive because changes are good and with changes comes more inspiration and motivation. 
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