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Buyers guide for Duotone sails 2020

Tips for buying a new Windsurfing sail

The biggest and one of the most important companies in the windsurfing world called Boards and more has launched a new brand (ex Northsails)– Duotone. Probably you already know that because of the internet birds who were singing this loudly in the previous year.

So, what is the deal with Duotone sails in 2019? What sail you should buy? How are the new sails called? 

Here are little tips for you to understand what sails are good for waves, flat water, speed and all in one condition.

Professional wave sail

Totally new Duotone SUPER HERO M.PLUS

This is something you haven’t heard before. It is the lightest wave sail Duotone ever made. It has only three battens which are made from epoxy and that makes them unbreakable. Even though it has only three battens- the sail is stable in overpowered conditions.

Many of us are wondering how can they make sails so light but yet still durable. It is said that the Duotone innovators are transferring their yachting experiences into construction of the sail. One of the main thing they use is a 20% thicker monofilm and a higher adhesive content.

Duotone Super Hero M.PLUS 2020

Freestyle sails


It is a freestyle competition sail and the only freestyle sail from Duotone. But that is just the finest and most coolest sail for the tricky tricks of the new age. Just look at the freestyle master Gollito Estredo who is winning the PWA every year with this sail.

Duotone Idol LTD 2020 Windsurf sail

The smallest freestyle sail you can get is 3.6 square meters and it weights 2,4 kg. 

Adrian Bosson is very proud of his freestyle sails and he can not believe that this year models are being even more stable in high winds. World champion Gollito explained that with this year's more narrower top and because of the batten which was moved more down the sail makes him fly higher with more control.

Wave sails


If you are not sure about which style of sails you should go for and you are one of the awakening freeriders with love for the small waves and hope to go big one day you will probably like to hear about FREEWAVE sail SUPER SESSION.

Duotone Super Session 2020 Windsurf sail

It is a powerful wave sail with the possibility to bump & jump. If you are already an owner of a small wave board this is the style of the sail you want to buy. It is not only good for the waves but it can also be combined with flat water windsurfing. For those who are familiar with old Northsails then you should know this is a similar sail to VOLT (old Northsails sail).


Does flat water bores you and you’re totally into the waves with those stylish sprays made by the cut back? Maybe you are very good in waves but still can not afford SUPER HERO M?

Don’t worry, because SUPER HERO (without M) is a number one sail for the waves. This year-2019 you can get this sail in awesome yellowish color so you can shine like a star and be seen from the beach if you are sailing somewhere far beyond the reef. It is a perfect sail for the tropical holidays where the ship can go down any minute and your yellowish sail will make you the spot of an attention.

Duotone Super Hero 2020 Windsurf sail

The sail is made for every body and thing. Doesn’t matter if you are big or if the conditions are too big. Suits everything!

The smallest SUPER HERO you can get is 3.0 with its weight of 2,7kg. It has three battens but still feels stable as a 5-batten sail. At least this is what Victor Fernandez claims.

Klaas Voget added that he has experiences with hundreds of sails, but SUPER HERO is clearly the best of them all.

Maybe the only thing which is bothering you is the durability? Also do not worry because you can get the SUPER HERO as a monofilm- free HD- construction.

Speed, race, to be fast sails


To be the fastest has a special feeling in the planet of water sports. Feeling the breeze and the power in the hands is really awesome. Haven’t you ever felt this before? Then start with holding an E_type sail.

It’s the fastest no cam sail from Duotone. The smallest E_type sail you can get is 5.4 (weights 3.9kg) and it is perfect to go on holidays with it and ride for hours. 

The sail is electrifying, effective & easy to control. That is all about what the big E in front of a (E) type stands for.

S_Type SL & Warp 20.19

Have you already had the luck to experience the speed and glory of the smooth sea? You feel like it is time to make your own speed record? Then you’re going to fell in love with S_Type SL. 

It is a performance switch cam sail. The smallest sail 6.0 weights 4,8kg. In the windsurfing world this sail is famous for being rated as the best sail in its class.

Competitors usually are sailing with sail called WARP 20.19.

One of the fastest legends out there (Lang) compared S_type with WARP 20.19. He said there is only one difference between those two sails: E_type starts slowing down if you sheet out which makes jibing a lot easier if you are not a pro level rider.

Enjoy choosing your style of sail

Hope this little and easy guide is going to be helpful while you are deciding what type of windsurfer you will be in 2019. I would just love to add that whatever you choose is the style for you and what you love. This means freestyle is not only for kids! And freeride is not only for old school bones. 

It is 2019/2020 and you can not miss it with Duotone!

BTW; we are here to help!