Posted on by Eva Zunec

Genie in a bottle a.k.a. inflatable SUP board advantages

It is official. The whole world is pretty much hooked. High on summertime and crazy about stand up paddling. Feeling the surface of the water just beneath our feet, trying to catch the balance of the Earth is an amazing way to spend free time in nature, recharge our mind and do something for the body.

Inflatable fanatic sup 

But for most of us, summer lovers by heart the seaside or any other water areas are not our all time round residence and it is a bit of a big deal to possess such great board when it comes to transporting it. Unless ...

Unless it is inflatable of course! Like our FANATIC INFLATABLE SUP. It comes with many more advantages such as less weight of the board compared to the normal ones, easy transporting thanks to a handy bag, packed with a pump and fins, the same goes for easy storage. The only downside for anti-sport types is the fact that before all the fun, you need to actually inflate it yourself- for the serious ones this means only good vibes and a welcomed warm up.


Now you only have to decide which inflatable board to pick that fits your style - touring, race, surf or simply an allround one.


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